Midland Sidings- Westinghouse MRC: The Warley Show

The 4 mm scale layout is an imaginary 1920's Midland railway line between Saltey and Walsall in Great Britian. 

There is assumed to be a connection with the LNWR on the Walsall side of the location. The marshalling yard is used to concentrate local goods traffic, canal interchange traffic and exchange traffic with the LNWR, as well as traffic for the adjecent brewery/maltings. Together with the predominant goods and mineral working, there is a Birmingham new St-Saltley-Walsall passenger service.


Signals are from Model Signal Engineering etchings cut down to scale size, with scartch-built posts and gratries using some Exactoscale parts. They are operated by memory wire actuators. Points and signals are worked from an interlocked lever frame; points which would have been working on the ground are worked from the baseboard edge by wire rods. 


The layout having Midland Railway 2F and 3F 0-6-0s, an 0-6-4T and 0-4-4T, and an 0-6-2T coal tank to work the exchange traffic.

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