Special Blogs

Toy Collector has two principal types of blog, Member Blogs and Syndicated Blogs, but now we also have‚  Special Blogs!

These are blogs that have been launched by the site and which are aimed at a specific audience, but which members are welcome to contribute relevant posts to and you can find them all below.

1/72 Blog - The World in Tiny

The World in Tiny! The 1/72 scale blog is all about 1/72 scale figures, dioramas and wargames!

The Audi Centenary Blog

As part of its activities to mark the company's 2009 centenary, Audi teamed up with Toy Collector for a special blog series tracing the company's history through scale models from Audi's own accessories catalogue - and a charity auction of all the models featured, which you can find here. Click on the logo for all the official Audi blog posts, and other Audi-related entries from model companies who also donated models to the charity auction.


Run by the BAYKO Collectors Club, this blog is all about BAYKO, the world's first plastic construction toy!

The Corgi Blog

The Corgi Blog is all about Corgis, from the Mettoy era until today, plus Husky, Corgi Juniors, Rockets, Cubs, Cameos, Classics and the odd ex-Lledo!


BrickJournal  is the resource for the serious LEGO builder! Brickjournal launched in 2005 as an online publication and has recently published its tenth print issue! It covers all aspects of building, including interviews, new releases and LEGO hisory.

The Dinky Toys Blog

Exclusively featuring Dinky-related content, The Dinky Toys Blog is run by a number of dedicated Dinky enthusiasts and experts (although any member of the Toy Collector community is welcome to contribute relevant items). Posts will include profiles of Dinky's model ranges, model types and individual models as well as restoration tips, Dinky news, values and sale price information.

Dream Toy Jobs

An occasional series, in which Toy Collector talks to people with dream toy-related jobs, whether that's designing toys, running your own toy museum or creating box art for model kits!

LookSmart's Forgotten Ferraris

Following on from our look back at Lamborghini, Toy Collector has teamed up with Egidio Reali's LookSmart once again - to take a look at some of the lesser-known and more unusual Ferraris from the marque's history!

Introduction to Britains Plastic Farm Models 1955-1969

Toy Collector's serialisation of Barney Brown's sold-out book Britains & Herald Plastic FarmModels 1955-1969 in blog format!

iHobby Expo 2010 on Toy Collector

LaToya's off to the 2010 International iHobby Expo in Chicago. Here's where you can read all about it!

The Lamborghini Retrospective

For The Lamborghini Retrospective. Toy Collector has teamed up with two of Italy's most famous names: legendary sportscar manufacturer Lamborghini and leading diecast modelmaker Egidio Reali and his LookSmart and MR Collection brands for this blog. In it, we'll be travelling through Lamborghini's history from 1963's 350GTV to 2008's Reventon, looking at the fabulous 1:1 cars alongside LookSmart's incredibly detailed 1:43 versions.

LaToya's Nuremberg Toy Fair Blog

LaToya went to the Nuremberg International Toy Fair and reported back on all the great stuff that was there. Here's where you can read all about it!

Medieval Times

Read all about the 100 Year War, peasant revolts in Italy, Robin Hood and his Merry Men, the Samurai and everyone else who made the Medieval Times as colourful as they were - and still are here in figure form!

The One True Scale

Established as an e-newsletter about 1:200 scale model aircraft, The One True Scale will now be appearing as a blog and in its own forum here on Toy Collector.

The One True Scale was launched to fill the gap left by the demise of the four newsletters produced by The Norfolk Group in the early 1990's. Submissions of pictures, information and news about 1:200 aeroplane models from readers are welcome.

The Scale Model News

The Scale Model News is all about model cars, planes, boats, trains, military vehicles and more, in kit or diecast form!

Tales of Toy Cars

Created as a forum for all those who share a common interest in toy cars, Tales of Toy Cars published as a webzine from 1998 to 2009, specifically focusing on 1/55-1/72 scale models. Now, with the advent of Web 2.0, it's here on Toy Collector as a blog, allowing for easier interaction between the writers and their readers, and rolling updates! As ever, comments and contributions from readers are welcome!

Thirty Years of Quattro

Quattro, Audi's seminal four-wheel-drive system, is 30 years old!

To mark its 30th anniversary, Audi and Toy Collector have teamed up again for a special blog series looking at some of the cars which have featured this sytstem, in small-scale form from Audi's own accessories catalogue, of course!

The Tinplate Train Times

Welcome to The Tinplate Train Times, an online resource focusing on collecting and operating standard and 0 gauge tinplate toy trains and accessories and modern tinplate reproductions. This site will feature articles that focus exclusively on tinplate toy trains and the people who collect and operate them.