La Mini Miniera is launching the reproduction in scale 1/18 of Cambiano

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Worldwide exclusive produced and distributed by La Mini Miniera with pininfarina

La Mini Miniera is pleased to present in collaboration with Pininfarina the reproduction in scale 1/18 of CAMBIANO.

The model in scale 1/18 is  crated in resin and reproduces perfectly the original car in every detail like the transparent roof, the reproduction of Bovet watch and the wood colour of the company “Riva1920” which covers the front and back floor.
The model is presented in a package with an acrylic base, the logo and  the certificate authenticated by Pininfarina

The Model in scale 1/18 will be available in November
It’s a limited edition of 300 pcs. worldwide and a part of the production has been destined to Pininfarina and to  the Swiss clockwork company “Bovet”.This new model will be available in red and  silver

Cambiano is a village closed to Turin which is hosts for the last  30 years the Style Centre of Pininfarina and the historical Museum of Best Concept Cars.
The Cambiano is inspired to a prototype of the past: Florida II which was realized by Pininfarina as his personal car
It was the Pininfarina’s first real concept car.Its architectural layout and its line influenced the world production for many years!

The Cambiano has just one door at the driver’s side, on the contrary at the passenger’s side there are 2 doors with a “book opening” to facilitate the access and improve the bright and voluminous interiors.

The LED lights have a modern design, the glass surface is extended from the windscreen to the rear window realizing  a panoramic roof.

Cambiano is the first car which includes inside a contemporary work of art created by the artist Javier Fernandez.

This work of art is shown on the pavilion so it can be appreciated by passengers

The instrumentation and the command interface are technologically advanced and the modern steering wheel has the shape of a cut crown like the joystick of a plane 

The materials used are of excellent levels: the leathers are provided by Fogliazzo, the posts and the panels of the 3 doors are covered by a substance called “acido prolattico”: a plastic which comes from sugars and milk whey.

The wood floor has been  manufactured by a famous furnishing company settled in Brianza “Riva1920” and it was obtained recycling the wood of Venetian stilts!

On the dashboard you can find a watch produced by the company Bovet that you can take and wear, after adding a watchstrap.

This car combines style and engineering and the result is a wonderful electric berlinetta that you can recharge from a normal power point.
The drivetrain  system is generated by 4 electric engines Magneti Marelli, one for each wheel, for a total power of 600 kw (815 cv) that allows  the automobile to reach a top speed of over 275 km/h.

You can reach 100 km/h in 4,2 seconds.



RVREVO on October 30, 2013


Any opening features? Does it show the engine and other mechanical components? Can it steer? Dies it feature realistic independent suspension?
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