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The Kats at AMT team up with Dirty Donny to create a Two-Headed Monster...
it's TWO MUCH!

Halloween is quite a ways off, but we wanted to "spring" one of our secret projects on you modelers, especially those who love all the cool monster kits that were available back in the golden era of modeling. The Kats at AMT have an exclusive licensing deal with one of the coolest up-and-coming custom culture artists on the scene today: "Dirty Donny" Gillies! Donny has done everything from painting crazy murals and pinstriping mod guitars and pianos for Metallica, to creating mind-blowing artwork for customized pinball machines! Donny's got a funky flair for creating artwork that harkens back to those fun times of yesteryear, where everybody was cutting grass to earn money to buy their next awesome monster model kit!

The first AMT release featuring Dirty Donny's dazzling artwork is the groovy 1/25 scale Vantasy Chevy Custom Van. It's been sellin' like hodaddy hot cakes as momentum builds at an unstoppable pace behind this talented artist. For a follow up kit, we wanted to do something really wild, crazy and fun - a kit that would capture the essence of our monster-modeling youth, while totally zoning in on the current renewed interest in low-brow art and custom culture. What would be more appropriate than an insane two-headed monster? Introducing AMT's first "Kustom Kreature!"

This krazy kit will "kick off" in 2013 and here's where it's going to knock it out of the ballpark: the sculpt. Some of the old custom monster kits made by the "other guys" back in the day looked nifty on the box art, but were sadly lacking in execution on the plastic parts. AMT's Two Much Monster kit looks as good in plastic as it does in Donny's wild box art illustration, and we'll prove it to you! We've got a sculpt of Two Much, the first Kustom Kreature, straight from Donny's secret lab and we're going to have him (or should we say "hims") on display for you to see - at WONDERFEST! Come out and marvel in the awe of the spectacular sculpt and show us your support for this exciting new initiative in totally fun model kits! It's another way AMT is expanding its product offerings to include many different types of models.

Other differences that will set AMT's Two Much kit apart from the rest? How about loads of optional decals with artwork all created by Dirty Donny himself to match the monster perfectly! Many different demented designs will be included so you can build a Kustom Kreature that is truly your own. How about a radical display base with extra details like tombstones and a half-buried skateboard for value-added excitement? Real chain for the monster's mace ball? Eyeball jewels in multiple optional translucent colors? This pumpkin-carrying candy masher has got it ALL!

Show AMT your support for the Dirty Donny "Two Much" monster and let's build something FUN!

Dirty Donny's TOO MUCH!


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