Make LEGO® models, not war with a LEGO Exclusive VW Camper

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If you’re on your way to Marrakesh or looking to catch the next big wave, the LEGO® VW Camper is just the Exclusive model for you

BILLUND, Denmark – The iconic VW Camper Van, an icon of the sixties counter-culture and loved by hippies and surfers around the world, has been recreated as a LEGO® Exclusive model.

The red LEGO VW Camper Van is a loving recreation of a T1 Camper from 1962, also known as the ‘Combi’ or ‘the hippie van’. It includes features such as the 'V' shape three-way colour split at the front, rounded roof and window frames, opening 'splittie' safari front window, opening doors, and of course, the instantly recognisable pop-up roof.

”Its unique character and charm have made it loved all over the world, which has also meant that it has become one of the most customisable vehicles ever produced,” says LEGO designer John-Henry Harris. “It has come in so many different shapes and sizes, interiors and exteriors that it really lent itself to a LEGO model.

”There is lots of technical building within the model that I think LEGO fans will enjoy. I’m also hoping that it will appeal to a wider audience, not just LEGO fans. I think the Volkswagen community out there will really appreciate this model,” he adds.

Although the Camper Van looks quite square in profile, it is actually subtly curved, presenting John-Henry with an interesting challenge – especially the iconic front. “It’s not until you look closer that you actually see that there are three curves on the front of the van, but we think we’ve managed to get everything right.”

The characteristic flat-four air-cooled Volkswagen boxer engine is also squeezed in above the rear axle, exactly as in the original. Inside, care has been taken to reproduce an interior that is as close to the original as possible. There’s a sink unit, a bench that folds down into a bed, a folding dinette table and an opening cupboard with a mirror.

The model also embraces the counterculture with a hippie-inspired interior colour scheme, a lava lamp and a T-shirt in the window that says ‘Make LEGO models, not war’.

The 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van is on sale from October 1, 2011 via or LEGO Brand Retail Stores. Find your nearest store here:


RVREVO on August 11, 2018


Recently bought thru Wish the copy of this Lego bus which was Xingbao or Lepin. I forget how to spell chinese. The blocks are consistent of the 1970s pattern, but also copied the more recent pats. The Chinese copy is pitch perfect and comliments the original.
Ofcourse i would still buy the original Lego Creator. One has to note that I am not a purist collector who stays the course no matter what.
I collect toys that interest me. And ofcourse there is a budget to consider.
The Chinese copy does turn the worldof Ldgo upside down, and it has not dampened their prices as Real Lego is still expensive, even when used.
Here is the thing, I am more likely to mod the Chinese copy into a panelvan or flatdeck ute, as well as that wonderful Swiss Ambo mountain tracked vehicle, than use Real Lego. Simply because its cheaper. And also paint it a differnt color.

Richard k
RVREVO on June 02, 2018


more into technic Lego, altho my favorite set is 10187 two-tone blue VW Beetle
RVREVO on April 04, 2018


you should see the MOC models based on this set.
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