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New kits for March

We would like to inform you that new kits will be released in March

France 1944

MB 3578 “France, 1944” – the kit consists of 3 sprues which include figures of 3 American paratroopers, a girl, her mother and a monk, 2 horses and French telega. We would like to emphasize that this is not our old telega from MB 3537, this is fully new development.


Civilians western region

MB 3567 “Civilians, Western region, WW II era” - the kit consists of 1 sprue which includes 4 figures of Civilians and a little hand telega.


Nick Nasta
Nick Nasta on February 26, 2011

Very Impressive! It would be great to have these kinds of figures in 1:32 scale where they are needed badly.

If the detail looks anything like the drawings, I think you have a couple of winners!
I'm a fan of Master Box soldiers. One of my favorite dioramas which I built from scratch used around 20 Master Box figures in it.
Is it possible to get a sample of your new stuff sent to my home address?
Keep up the good work.
It would be real nice if you went into 1:32 scale also because that's a scale that needs figures like these.

Nick Nasta
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