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Airfix releases a new set of model boats: "Sink the Bismark"

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Airfix releases a new set of model boats:

Bismarck took part in only one operation during her brief career. She, and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, left Gotenhafen on the morning of 19th May 1941 for Operation Rheinübung, during which she was to have attempted to intercept and destroy convoys in transit between North America and Great Britain.


Revell's New Release: DGzRS Hermann Marwede

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Revell's New Release: DGzRS Hermann Marwede

It is the largest Ocean-going rescue ship ever to enter service in Germany. The ship was named in the Summer of 2003 and is stationed on the North Sea Island of Helgoland.


The Roman War Fleet Returns

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The Roman War Fleet Returns

The ship will only be available to collectors or dealers who are collecting our other Roman sets. With the ship you will be able to get add-on sets to customise your ship to your liking also included with the ship are...


Revell Control – new segments added to the range

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It has taken just two years for the Revell Control brand to assert itself firmly on the market. With sales boasting above-average growth rates the RC range has exceeded all expectations and developed into a strong pillar supporting the Revell house of brands. In view of this positive development it's hardly surprising that those responsible at Revell intend pursuing the adopted course also in the new year. Expounding on the company's strategy the Marketing Manager, Andreas Bittlinger, explains: "With the new Boats segment and additional products in the existing Helicopter, Aircraft and Car segments we are making targeted efforts to extend our presence in the RC market. As such we now offer a broad and complete range of infra-red, MHz and GHz models and are thus able to satisfy the requirements of every RC enthusiast – from the absolute beginner to the semi-pro."


ToRo Model Kits

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ToRo Model Kits

ToRo Model was at the Nuremberg Toy Fair this year. A few of the latest models were displayed there.