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Fiat 500 in small scale

by jclevering

afbeeldingThe current Fiat 500 is a cute citycar with a design that is reminiscent of the Nuovo 500 of 1957. That it was introduced 50 years after the birth of the Nuovo 500 is interesting, though it is based on a concept car of 2004. The Nuovo 500 of 1957 was called Nuovo (New in Italian) as there was a 1936 car called 500 as well.

This 1936 car, nicknamed Topolino (Little mouse in Italian) was done by Hot Wheels as a dragster (pictured left), but not by any other manufacturer in this scale (as far as I know).

The 1957 car was done by at least three manufacturers. Kyosho, MicroChamps and Kinsmart. MicroChamps made 2 versions of the one: One with an open convertible roof and one with a closed roof. Kyosho made the Nuovo 500 in a series of Fiat and Lancia cars and is quite rare nowadays. Picture below, from left to right: Kinsmart, Microchamps and Kyosho

Cars from South Korea, part 3

by jclevering

Collecting diecast cars from all over the world is fun to do. When you do, you sometimes notice strange things. For example there are no cars from India in 1:64th scale to my knowledge. Chinese cars are under-represented as are cars from South Korea.

However, as posted at two previous occassions (here and here), there are more then meets the eye.

In my first post, I mentioned the Daewoo Arcadia from Tins' Toys and wrote that there is a Daewoo Prince as well. Recently I was able to add this to the collection.

Mercedes-Benz promotionals by Norev

by jclevering

Norev has produced some specials in the past for Mercedes-Benz in het past (E-Class, SL-Class, C-Class DTM, C-Class). Some time ago a B- and ML-Class were introduced. Last year an influx in models from Norev appeared. I will show these on this page:



2013 has been a good year for my collection. 2014 already seems promising with some announced cars that might appear in the same spot here next year. My top 10:

10th place:

Norev City: Alfa Romeo Giulietta (1:64)

Norev reduced it's scale

by jclevering

When Norev restarted small-scale diecast around 2000 they had metal base plates, tow bars and were around 1:55 in scale, similar to the then-current SIKU-scale. But since 2013 I notice the scale seems to have reduced. Is this a cost saving measure?


Norev - Citroën C4 Picasso Mk. II

Renault in Formula 1

by jclevering

It is striking that there are so many Formula 1 cars of Renault, though it cannot get even near the amount of cars of Ferrari in Formula 1.

The first Formula 1 car made by Renault was the RS01. It was the first F1 car to be powered by a turbocharged engine, a feature it would retain into the eighties when it stopped as a F1 car manufacturer. It was raced for 2 full seasons.

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