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A bit more construction

by jclevering

At the recent Bauma fair, Doosan introduced a couple new vehicles. Unlike previous releases they new models are all in 1:50 scale, which seems to be the standard for construction vehicles.

The first one is actually a truck to move machines around different fairs, like Bauma, to display their products.


Recent Majorette

by jclevering

Majorette has been invisible for me for some years due to the place I lived. They were almost nowhere to be found. But recently I seem to be getting slightly more lucky. In fact, these vehicles come from the home of Majorette: France.

They seem to have gone more German since their takeover by Dickie of Germany.


My VW Collection

by jitz

VW Collection

As a fan some cars you got to have.

Chinese cars (continued once again)

by jclevering

Chinese cars in small scale seem to be a black spot. Still, more and more vehicles are coming from the land of the Great Wall. In a previous post I showed Tomica's Hongqi, and I posted about the brand Chery before as well.

My latest addition is from Chery and like the vehicle before they seem to be key chain cars. The hub cabs seem to be loose, as both my previous examples of the QQ and the examples shown below have issues with missing caps.

Chery QQme


by jclevering

Kinsmart is a Hong Kong based company started in 1993. I've seen their cars for years but never bought one, as they seem for sale only in boutique shops with premium price tags. In fact, the three I will show are sold at a premium price. The vehicles always seem to have a pullback motor in it. As I knew the company a bit, I was surprised to see that they had actually a much bigger number of vehicles then I previously assumed.

The range seems to consist of

  • Dodge Viper GTSR
  • 1957 Fiat 500
  • 1998 VW Beetle
  • 1967 VW Beetle
  • 1962 VW Transporter
  • Audi TT
  • BMW X5
  • 1957 Corvette

On other sites I found a

Mini promotionals

by jclevering

I posted before on the subject of BMW promotionals, today I will post something related to it. Mini is part of BMW and as such these promotionals are sold with a BMW reference number. At least 2 versions exist of the Mini Paceman, which was resized to 1:64 scale as shown below. They're quite good and detailed but also quite fragile.

Mini Paceman Cooper S

Mini Paceman Cooper S