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Hot Wheels - Retro Entertainment

by jclevering

This Year, Hot Wheels announced a slightly more High End diecast series of film cars. There are a couple of batches.


Bburago's foray in 1:64

by jclevering

Bburago is an established name in diecast vehicles. After the takeover by Maisto some years back they have slowly come back into shops again. In Nuremburg this year, Bburago announced their 1:64 series of cars. When looking at them, I immediately thought I recognised them as Maisto-casts, but hoped they would add their own. This hope seems to be in vain. I was surprised to see them to get to marked so soon, as a big supermarket in France already carries them. I suppose they are available elsewhere too. The strategy is simple: single vehicle blisters and 5-pack boxes with one car in a "special" colour.

The base vehicles come, as said, from Maisto. Why this would constitute "Italian Design" - as shown on the packaging  - I am at a loss. The Maisto-version are "tuned" vehicles with "fat" tyres and extreme rims, that have deep recesses in the base and are lowered. Bburago made them slightly more street trimmed and with slightly more realistic looking rims.


Truck accidents don’t just happen. There are plenty of reasons that are the root cause of these accidents and once these causes are eliminated, accidents will reduce. Trucking accidents lead to expensive litigation and hiring the services of a truck accident attorney to understand how to go about identifying and penalizing the people responsible.  This is a long drawn out process and often times a frustrating one. So, it would help everybody concerned that the number of truck accidents goes down. 
There are five common causative reasons for such accidents and to control and manage these reasons is to control these accidents.
Driver Fatigue
In the various studies conducted on reasons for the increasing incidences of truck accidents, one reason came out on top and this is driver fatigue. If a driver is forced to work long daily hours of service, it’s a no brainer that he will be tired, which in turn is a recipe for disaster. Driving a truck is a tiring job, but if you want this job to be conducted safely, it’s important that the hours of driving in a week don’t stretch the limits of the driver’s endurance. If that happens, it will lead to chronic fatigue and increase the chances of the driver making critical errors leading to a crash. When we are tired, our brains function slowly and in the case of truck drivers, this tiredness can prevent them from taking quick preventive measures to avoid accidents. Tiredness also leads to drowsiness, which in turn can lead to drivers taking their eyes off the road, which again results in accidents.
Lack of Rigorous Inspection
Accidents also happen if the truck has not been inspected thoroughly by conforming to the most comprehensive inspection programs. If the truck is not inspected properly before it starts its journey there is a good chance that problems like defective brakes and the wear and tear of other important component will not be identified. A brake that doesn’t perform optimally and/or a jammed steering are some of the common reasons why crashes happen. You ignore truck inspections at your own risk. This is something that shouldn’t be avoided at all costs.
Disregard for Highway Safety by Drivers of Passenger Vehicles
Whenever a truck accident takes place, typically the finger of suspicion is pointed towards the trucker. But, you will be surprised to note that many truck accidents happen because of the mistake of the driver of the passenger vehicle that’s crashed into the truck. The problem here is that there are people who aren’t really aware of the rules to be followed while driving on highways. More importantly, they are unaware of the precautions to be taken if they are driving behind a truck or ahead of one. People who frequently use highways must make sure they know everything there is to know about highway safety. This can go a long way in decreasing incidences of accidents.
Truck Load
Overloaded trucks are another reason why accidents happen. At times, the truck isn’t overloaded per say, but the driver is not experienced enough to handle a truck with that kind of load. In such cases, the experience of the driver must also be considered while loading a truck. If a particular truck is over loaded, it increases the blind spots of the driver. Such trucks can also become imbalanced and are susceptible to rolling over, especially when there is a sharp turn or when there are heavy winds. Overloaded trucks are also difficult to stop especially when you need to apply sudden breaks. So, it’s of paramount importance that truckers ensure their truck is loaded within permissible limits only.   
The highway isn’t a race track although some highways look like one. The problem occurs when trucks don’t have speed controllers that help keep the truck’s speed on check. On a highway, it’s very easy to believe that you will be able to control a vehicle even when it’s in top gear. Truckers who drive a truck way beyond the acceptable speed are at risk of being involved in accidents. A truck is a heavy vehicle and needs to be driven within its speed limits. If it isn’t, you might not be able to stop it in time to prevent a collision.
These are just five of the many ways one can prevent truck accidents. As a trucker or somebody who has a stake in keeping roads free from accidents, you must make sure that these causes are understood by the concerned people and all the necessary safety precautions are adhered to, when driving a truck or a passenger vehicle.

Car Brands that dissapeared

by jclevering

Over the course of the many years the motor car has been build brands have come and gone. Some existed for only a few months, where others existed for over 100 years, like Mercedes-Benz, Renault or Ford. This blog post is trying to focus on brands that do not exist any more. From well known to lesser known. Let's kick of with some that are more known:

Saab has gone bankrupt recently. Not too many scale models of Saab have been done and this 1:72 scale Yat Ming is maybe one of the nicer ones done.


DTM in small scale

by jclevering

The DTM started out in the eighties, but the first scale models in small scale seem to have come much later, with the class 1 regulations. This started in 1993


Mercedes-Benz 190 Evo 2 (MicroChamps)


by jclevering

After seeing this post on Motormax from 2002 I thought it might be nice to look at what they are up to right now.

I cannot say I know every cast introduced after #6061, Ford Explorer, but can tell at least some. Some of the missing numbers seem to be reserved for the "Fresh Cherries" series. They were more detailed cars from the seventies and eighties of "bread and butter" cars. To keep everything clean, I rather show the somewhat more toy-like cars:

#6064: Lexus LS430