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Tempah Stempel di Medan

Yatming Mistakes Make for a Perfect Collection

by TalesofToyCars

story and images by Raed Ammari

Yatming Opel AdmiralAs a diecast collector, you tend to compare not just the models or the manufacturers, but you go all the way to the quality and the mistakes between like models. I have an older collection of Yat Ming models (about 70 cars in 1:64 scale) and could not help finding a few errors worth mentioning. Take for example, the two of blue Porsche 917 race cars , if you look closely at the photo, you will notice that the one on top has only 10 velocity stacks, unlike the one on the bottom with 12 ( go ahead and count them!).


Mondo Motors, a review

by jclevering

Mondo Motor seems to have partnered up with BBC's Top Gear to present a 1:64 scale diecast series of miniature cars. The series seems to consist of sports cars, like the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Maserati MC12.

Mondo or the BBC have done smart to give the cars a USP (Unique Selling Point): All cars feature the mythical figure of the Stig, the tame racing driver who does all the "power laps" for the television series.

Some examples:

Merit Model Kits and Reissues


Research and Photos by Roger Virgo

The Merit series is a selection of classic Grand Prix and Sports Racing cars from the mid-fifties.

Grand Prix Cars circa 1954/55

My German Cars Collection

by Milano

1928 BMW Dixi:

1993 Audi Cabrio:
1993 Audi Cabrio

Mercedes Benz Climo 1955:
Mercedes Benz Climo 1955



1936 to 1981 BMWs:
1936 to 1981 BMWs

Assorted Porsches:
Assorted Porsches

Assorted Volkswagens:
Assorted Volkswagens

Early Volkswagens:
Early Volkswagens

Mercedes Benz 1904 to 1933:
Mercedes Benz 1904 to 1933

Mercedes Benz 1935 to 1940:
Mercedes Benz 1935 to 1940

Mercedes Benz Trucks:
Mercedes Benz Trucks

Mercedes Benz van:
Mercedes Benz van


F1 in 2007

by jclevering

These are not the only scale models made of the 2007 Formula 1 season; Kyosho also made some Super Aguri's.