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After a production moved to China, Scalextric and Hornby had continual supply problems due to their manufacturers financial problems but now other problems have caused them to suffer once more.

With the Global recession, component suppliers ceased production and used existing stocks to supply the market, due to changing conditions in China there are now problems with factory workers and their working conditions, causing a shortage of workers for not only component factories but for Scalextric and Hornby.

Other factors are that their Rival Bachman has purchased the factory where they both produce their items. This is only going to hinder Hornby production if there are dead lines to be met we would expect Bachman to ensure their items get out on time.

1/25 scale complete railroad in wood-Roberto Heijmans

Wonderful old toy trains are still coming out of attics and basements a century after they were manufactured. Recently I was fortunate in acquiring a Carlisle & Finch #4 locomotive that was in need of a lot of TLC. While the loco and tender were complete, the two big problems it had were the poor complete over paint and the wrong trim accent color, and the locomotive's broken wooden frame.

We have received news of three new set releases for Hornby, Scalextric and Micro Scalextric. The new products will only be available for independent retailers and are set for release in the second half of the year.
The first item is an analogue release of the Hornby Pendolino R1134 set. Operating on a basic oval and track pack A the RRP of this item will be £129.99

The second release is the only drift set for Scalextric this year, we were thinking that drift racing was going to be a thing of the past with less drift cars set for release this year but we are sure that the new release of the Drift Kings C1264 will be popular. The set comes with the standard figure of 8 track and with two Nissan GT-R cars. This set has an RRP of £99.99

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were a lot of Gauge One trains on show. We featured some here earlier, but these are from Dietz Modellbahn. Gauge One is, of course, a track gauge of 1¾ inches, equating to 44.45mm - more often referred to as 45mm.


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Article initially published by Frank Samaritano in 2003.