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Bekonscot Model Village - Preserved For All Time

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Bekonscot Model Village - Growing Up

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Following the continued success of the original model village area, it was decided to significantly increase its size. Previously, the village comprised Bekonscot Town, Greenhaily windmill, Evenlode and Southpool Docks. In 1945 the village of Splashyng was founded. Alexandra Lake was dug out and a likeness of Sydney Harbour Bridge was built to span the water and carry the branch railway out to Evenlode.


Bekonscot Model Village - The Early Years

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Roland Calingham c.1930


Bekonscot Model Village - Royalty and Fame

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Following suggestions from friends and family, Mr Callingham opened Bekonscot to the amazed public in 1929. The village was seen in newspapers, cinema newsreels and magazines across the world, with thousands flocking to Beaconsfield to see the aœreal-life Lilliput'. It attracted the attention of the Royal Family, living just a short distance away in Windsor. The first visit was on 20 April 1934, the eve of Princess Elizabeth's eighth birthday. The future Queen of England returned several times in later years, along with Princess Margaret, Queen Mary and the King. After her coronation, the Queen's children came too and were equally enthralled with this, the smallest of kingdoms.

Meet the Director

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Model Rail Nostalgia Fest

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