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The 4 mm scale layout is an imaginary 1920's Midland railway line between Saltey and Walsall in Great Britian. 

There is assumed to be a connection with the LNWR on the Walsall side of the location. The marshalling yard is used to concentrate local goods traffic, canal interchange traffic and exchange traffic with the LNWR, as well as traffic for the adjecent brewery/maltings. Together with the predominant goods and mineral working, there is a Birmingham new St-Saltley-Walsall passenger service.

The Warley National Model Railway Exhibition was held in Birmingham on the 20th and 21st of November,2010. The show included more than 300 exhibitors and 80 layouts.  

Had loads of fun!!! I have a lot of photos and will be posting them everyday..for those who were not there, this is the next best thing ;)

Stroley Central - OO Gauge Layout

by StevieB

East Coast Main Line


A busy scene as viewed looking towards the south from the roof of the station. Departing from platform 1 and heading southbound for London Kings Cross on the Up Main is a 2+6 GNER "White Rose" Eurostar set with power car 3301 leading and 3302 trailing. The first morning arrival from Amsterdam in the form of a 2+5 Thalys set 4321 pulls off the down main and eases into Platform 6. A 2+5 GNER 225 set hauled by 91019 Scottish Enterprise (out of sight to the bottom left), but in view 82204 bringing up the rear, awaits the road north out of platform 3. A 2+6 Virgin XC set headed by 43093 The Lady In Red (visible), and 43155 The Red Arrows, awaits the up relief road and will head south out of platform 5 in front of the Freightliner Intermodal freight headed by 66610 and piloted by 66522 East London Express in "Freightliner / Shanks" livery which is held in one of the two "through" freight lines. The three car First Scotrail Turbostar, 170413 has just arrived at platform 2a on a route learning exercise from Edinburgh, as Scotrail services now stretch this far south! A 2+4 Virgin set (43100 Irish Mail and 43100 Blackpool Rock) and various other units lay over in the DMU servicing / stabling yard. An array of locomotives await their next trips in the stabling area of the Lindeven TMD.

Text And Photos By Jim Kelly

Standard Gauge Model AssociationMembers of the Standard Gauge Module Association returned to exhibit at the Syracuse Train Fair on November 6 & 7, 2010. It was the group's third time presenting an operating Standard Gauge layout at the event. However, there were a number of firsts at this event: the first elevated layout loop, the first separate kid's layout with candy train, and Bob Thon got to see both of the Mc Keen car sets that he started building 25 years ago together at one venue . The perimeter of the SGMA layout measured 20' x 32' and featured a considerable number of inside modules used for display of accessories and trains.


I took these great pics of Woodland Scenics' accessories on their stall. They've got cars, figures, buildings, trees and terrain stuff in H0 and N and they all look great:


iHobby Expo 2010: Athearn Trains

by LaToya

Here's what we found on Athearn's display...


3 Window Cabooses (Caboose? Cabi?)