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Warley Show- Pengwynn Crossing

by vish

Bentley MRG
Scale: 4mm/ft 16.5mm Gauge

Pengwynn Crossing was built in 1989 by Ian Metcalfe who sold it Bentley MRG in 1994. The layput aims to convey the atmosphere of Cornish china clay branch. China clay is the principal traffic,but a fertiliser depot and permanent way sidings provide additional operational interest.

Warley Show- Pattingham

by vish

                     The Wolverhampton and Bridgnorth Railway of The GWR

By 1892 onwards, Bridgnorth was well served by the Severn Valley Railway but plans were in place to link to the outside via Wolverhampton.  In 1860 the Wolverhampton and Bridgnorth Railway Company produced plans for a line leaving the Shrewsbury and Birmingham Railway near what is now Oxley junction which would have kept north west of the Smestow Valley, passing through the Wergs, rather than Tettenhall, out through Pattingham and Worfielf to join the SVR about a mile north of Bridgnorth. 

However, the 1860's saw another proposal in the form of Bridgnorth, Wolverhamptom and Staffordshire Railway which include a branch to the Kingswinford joining the GWR near Shut End and Included a Branch to Swindon; of Course both projects were abandoned.


Warley Show-Ellis Road

by vish

                                                    Scale 7mm/ft Standard Gauge 

The layout is a depiction of a goods yard in the British Railways southern Regarion in the 1960s. 

The baesboards are built with plywood sandwich sides, solid ply ends, ply cross-bracing and MDF tops all aligned using brass dowels and held together using M6 coach bolts and wing nuts.

The buildings are made using various techniques including DAS on plywood frame, plastikard on foamboard or plywood and kit-building.
The rolling stock is mainly kit built and close to British Railways- southern region of the 1950-1960s. Sprt & Winkle type- 4mm version- with delayed coupling are used.

 There are two operator positions- fiddle yard and the front of house. All points are electrically operated with Fulgurex motors. The layout has schematic control panel with indicator LEDs showing route and section settings.

The Bachmann stand was huge and, as expected, included the Bachmann, Williams and Spectrum lines in all gauges from N to S:


The members of Kinver SME showcased their hand built master pieces. The steam locomotives which were showcased ran were built to run on miniature 10 inch gauge tracks.  




About Kiner SME- The Kinver & West Midlands Society of Model Engineers has been present for the last 36 years and has gained a reputation for fine model making and even pushing a few boundaries of model engineering. Find out more about them here

Marking their thirtieth anniversary, MTH's O Gauge displays were top notch: