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Twickenham & District MRC
N, 2mm scale, 9mm gauge


Bristol Temple Meads

Class 50, D421 arrives off the "Down Main" and into platform 2 with a rake of blue and greys from Newcastle. The blue HST (43113 CITY of NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE plus 43167 out of sight and leading) awaits it's departure for Weston-super-Mare. The Pullman service in platform 4 awaits it's final passengers before departing after the HST, for Plymouth. The Express Parcels service in platform 5, double headed by a pair of Warships (D804 AVENGER piloting D806 CAMBRIAN) will depart eastwards for London imminently. The 3 car Class 117 (Set No. W51350) will follow the parcels along the "Up Relief" before taking the route to Cardiff. The large logo class 50 (50004 St. VINCENT) negotiates the pointwork past the refuelling roads and heads for the washer unit before taking to a siding to await it's next duty.


Great Western Main Line

The Fiddle Yard bursting at the seams prior to the start of the "Present Day - Reading" scenes. Three livery variants of the Great Western HSTs can be spotted on tracks 9 (top), 8 & 7 whilst Classes 221, 170, 166, 159 & 158 may also be spotted.

Stroley Central

by StevieB

West Coast Main Line



Ian Manderson

The model portrays part of a fictitious secondary route in the North East, which at one time linked the coast route north from Hartlepool with the freight line between Ferryhill and Newcastle. Easington Lane station lies approximately midway along this route has now been closed and the track is in the process of being lifted. It now sees only Engineers traffic on track reclamation duties and local coal traffic. The line to Hartlepool has been retained to serve local industry. A token passenger service remains. 

Freight trains serve a small factory complex and a cement distribution terminal occupies part of the former goods yard. A short spur beyond the station serves a nearby coal depot. Motive power is provided by thornaby or Gateshead locomotives. The passenger services are in the hands of Metro-Cammell dmu's. 

                                    Andersonville- N Scale

Andersonville TX, is an N-gauge layout which portrays the current operations of arguable the most significant Class 1 Railroads in the the USA today, i.e Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) and the Union Pacific Railroad (UP). 

The Setting for the Layout is in Texas at the imaginary town of Andersonville. The closest real life setting would be that around the town of Sweetwater, which is west of Abilene. Andersonville is served by a double-track main line belonging to BNSF and a single-track secondary main line operated by UP also passes through the town area. Two sidings service the needs of local industries. The passenget depot still functions, largely as a visitor centre but has also a small Amtrak office which fulfils the needs of the few rail passengers for the 'Texas Eagle' which calls once a day both eastbound and westbound. 

The time period is present day so the freight traffic to be seen on both lines is a mixture of intermodal, unit coal, chemicals and grain with the odd manifest appearing for good measure. The BNSF and UP locomotives to be observed are dominated by modern six-axle high-horsepower units working in multiple although, as in the real world, some older four axle and six-axle units make an appearance. Amtrak's 'Texas Eagle' is represented by a train 'Superliner' coaches and headed by two EMD P42s. The main operators of the routed through the town are BNSF and UP, but locomotives of other railroads can make occasional appearances to add some extra colour to the action.

Andersonville is 15 feet by 25 feet and with continuous run through a hidden fiddle yard is designed to provide entertainment to both viewers and operators. Two trains can be in action at any one time and with little switching taking place, continuous action is assured.

About the club


East Bank Model Railway club was originally based in Shettleston in Glasgow but due to the relocation of most of their member over the past years, the structure of the Club has had to be reformed and is now what could be best described as a virtual model railway club. 

They presently have three layouts available for display at model railway exhibitions, "Magersfontein", our H0 scale representation of South African Railways in the 1980's and "Andersonville", representing in N scale the operations on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroads in the present day. Their most recent layout is a Meccano commissioned, Hornby Dublo 2 rail layout from the 1960's that was rescued from a rubbish skip. We have now fully restored this demonstrator train set to its original 1960's condition. It is appropriately titled "Binns".