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See the Largest Railway Diorama in the World

by MiniaturWunderland

Miniatur Wunderland Logo450,000 Hours and counting... The Miniatur Wunderland a€œ a dream came true. Model railways are regarded in some social classes as a weird hobby for pensioners. And that’s why it wasn’t surprising that the idea of building the largest model railway of the world had often been smiled at six years ago. If they had added at that time that their Miniatur Wunderland would become one of the most famous exhibitions in Germany, cause hundreds of thousands of overnight stays for the city of Hamburg and would prompt a boom of modellmaking, loud snickers would probably have replaced the doubting grin of many.



More Great Diorama Displays

by auctionman

Here are more images I found from this wonderful site which I am recommending you to take a look. 



Truely Real WW2 Train Diorama

by Panther63
This is my first blog entry; I will try to keep it short & sweet.
Here is an amazing diarama by John Pradarelli from Wisconsin. He is working on a HO Scale Reference Book and I will let you know when that comes out

It took him about 90 hours to complete and was built on a piece of pink insulation foam board approximately 2 ft. x 3 ft. John weathered the trains, build and weather the structures, build & paint the people, and build and paint the military vehicles. Not to mention actually building the groundwork as well.

Isn't it great? John, looking forward to more of this type of work.


Buby, Die Cast Toys made in Aregntina

by frassinetti
Buby Die Cast. Toy Train Topic: Buby, Die Cast, Argentina Rail System 1001. 3 volt engine, run by 2 batteries.Train madE BY Buby in box. To most world wide Buby die cast collectors, the story of Buby’s scale train is a mystery, for it’s most common that people talk about Buby’s car and truck products. These are always a valuable gem within any die cast collection for their design and top quality. The story of Buby’s train is truly incredible. This is what Buby himself told us when we last interviewed him… “I'll tell you an anecdote just to make my point: When Martinez the Hoz (the economy minister from 1976 -1980) laid down the barrels for imported goods, we had just made an incredible battery train with a license of a German company, Falher, an excellent train, imagine how amazing it was that we manufactured some of the parts for the German company. Such was the quality and beauty of this fabulous product that Buenos Aires Harrods had bought a large amount of our trains. In their toy department we had designed a special table to exhibit the items… Very nicely and well done. So, one day I went to Harrods to see how people reacted and felt about our new product; if they liked it, what they thought about it and so. When I get to the stand, there was a lady admiring the train, when she suddenly turns it upside down and with this terribly disappointing voice she says "oh it's Argentine" and as she finishes to say that she puts the train back on the table; she walks away towards the imported section and finally ends up buying this low quality, very cheap Japanese train that underneath had the inscription "MADE IN JAPAN", she actually paid much more money for that item and left the store really happy. People who thought like her where the most, and quality had nothing to do in their equation as to buy or don't buy an item.” See Picture Image Gallery of the Buby Train: Buby Train Made in Argentina It was then when Buby decided to stick to cars and trucks, a market he knew better. As a matter of fact, the train was a true gem, and nowadays is a coveted item by collectors from all over the world, specially because of the limited edition and the only railway model within Buby’s collections. See Picture Image Gallery for the Buby Catalogue: Buby. The History in Pictures Read all about Buby, die cast toys made here in Argentina:For more information Press here: Buby and all about the toy die cast.

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