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While I have not been for a while (so it is partly my fault), this article that I copied from the Yorkshire Post. shocked me since it is what is inevitably happening with the hobby as the internet becomes a more and more important part of the hobby:

It caters for a traditional hobby and The Model Shop has itself become one of Hull’s traditions with premises that have barely changed for generations.

Several years ago I was lucky enough to win an EBAY auction for a set of Dorfan standard gauge freight cars. I've always been a fan of lithographed tinplate, but these cars seemed special with lithography so spectacular as to warrant comments like this:

The Standard Gauge Module Association (SGMA) presented an operating standard gauge layout at the World's Greatest Hobby Show On Tour (WGHS) in Edison, NJ on February 26th and 27th, 2011. The layout featured three main lines of standard gauge tinplate track with 84", 72", and 42" diameter curves. Also featured were the Association's Horseshoe Curve modules as well as two scenic ravine modules. As is customary, the WGHS organization promoted the show heavily.

Nice Shopdisplays in Spain

by FlyerMan

Was just over for a w/e in Spain and thought that many shops did a real effort!

This toy shop has a fully working slot car layout under a glass pane outside their main door:

Prototype: The electric locomotives of the series Siemens ES64U4, in service at the ÖBB as the series 1216 (Taurus III) as well as at additional European Railway companies, are AC multi purpose locomotives based on the technic of the Siemens-EuroSprinter model family. Since 2006 the locomotives are in service at the cross border traffic. One of the locomotives holds the speed world record for conventional electric locomotives with 331 km/h. The locomotive was rolled out at the Siemens plant in Munich Allach on the 31st of March 2005. The locomotive meets the electric and electronic standards of its predecessor for the large part however with a few detail modifications (a.o.): The car body is 300 mm longer now. Four conventional doors instead of two + emergency exits to be able to take over the interior design of the ES64F4. The cladding of the roof structure. Lowered middle part of the roof to fit into the UIC 505 passage profile. The third headlight is now situated above the front window. LED lighting as with the ES64F4. Grip rod for the shunting is pulled to the corners. Version with special design to commemorate the „175 th anniversary of German Railways“.

Electric locomotive, series 183, ARRIVA

Dream City Railway

by royjames

Hi Folks,

            Ace trains of London has released their N2s if you would like to see them running click on link below.



For action around Clairetown Station click on link


To ride the rails click on link below