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Superheroes of Japanese production

by Bergin Toys

Big XAfter the WWII, the world witnessed an amazing economic growth in Japan. Given the forced demilitarization, production facilities had to concentrate on other goods to produce. Many Japanese institutions played a role by supporting domestic producers in international business expansion while restricting foreign investments.‚   Soon, Japanese industrial sector was the second largest around the world, supplying other nations with high quality goods.


Donald Kaufman, co-founder of US toystore K-B Toys and one of the world's most famous collectors of antique toys passed away on October 12th at the age of 79, just weeks after the second sale of his vast toy collection.


The annual Tri-ang society event was held in Sale, Greater Manchester on the 19th September 2009.‚   This is event has been held at the Methodist church on the avenue Sale for the last few years. The aim of the society is to keep the name of Tri-ang going and to display the many different toys the company produced and had for sale over the years they were in business. The doors were opened at 10.00 to the public and closed about 4.00. During which time the event was well supported by a wide variety of age groups. The society hopes to be back at the same venue september 2010. For more detailed information into the company please see www. tri-angsociety.co.uk.

This interview with museum owner Chang Yang Fa is the first in an occasional series where LaToya will be talking to people who have jobs that are a toy collector's dream come true!



Hi All

I am organising a celebration of PostWar toys, 1945-1975, at The Discovery Centre, Jewery Street Winchester SO23 8RX on 12-13th Sept 10am-4pm each day. Adults ‚ £3, OAP'S ‚ £2, Chjild ‚ £1. Refreshments available all day and it's only a few minutes walk from Winchester Railway Station. Parking is best in the old cattle market which is only 200 yards away.