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French Obelisk/Traffic Circle Figural Chocolate Container & Money/Savings Bank, with working drop-coin mechanism
Chocolat Menier, France, c.1900
1,650 €

Large Royal Navy Marines Gun Canon

by GaleriaNavarro

Large Royal Navy Marines Gun Carriage Limber and Fully Functioning Canon, made for the English Market
Marklin, Germany, c.1890
Tin-Hand Painted
12,500 €


At Bamfords we are holding a toy sale next week with all pictures on flickr and our web site. ‚  Looking forward to showing you what we have on offer.


Rare 20th Century Pedal Tin Plane

by CriterionAuctions

Mickey Mouse Organ Grinder, 1930's

by mandylyn

Mickey Mouse Hurdy Gurdy
Made in the 1930's by Distler in Germany, this Mickey Mouse collectable toy is also known as the "Hurdy Gurdy". Though it dates more than 70 years ago, it is in near mint condition and comes complete with Minnie Mouse dancing atop the organ and with the rarer coil-tail version.

This toy was last valuated in the late 90's at over US$35,000.  

  This vintage toy is from the Mint Museum of Toys Collection.

ty jestem brzydka alebo ti mi se pacis

Bloomingdale Santa in Space Shopping Bag (detail)