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The Arrival

by Baskingshark

I should be working and not blogging about cars.

But the arrival has... arrived. 

Here is a teaser....

Nooooooooooooooo! (I lost an auction)

by Baskingshark

EAGH! I did not win this auction. This will now drive me insane for weeks.

Here is the pic of the lot I did not win;

Politoys 1/43 Lamborghini Models

by Baskingshark

Across their 1/43-scale M and Export ranges, Politoys modelled no less than eight of Lamborghini's cars, including several that weren't covered by other diecast companies. Indeed, the eight models represent a fantastic cross-section of both Lamborghini cars and Politoys models, as they come from all three subdivisions of the M/500/Export range.

The first Lamborghini to appear in the range was #539, the Lamborghini 350GT. The model is unique in that it's the only model of a pre-Miura Lamborghini car to be modelled by Politoys or any of their contemporaries. Issued in silver, metallic blue and possibly french blue, it features opening bonnet, bootlid and doors, tilting seatbacks and chrome plastic exhausts. It's also unique in the range in that it has a set of moulded metal "wire wheels" that are quite different to the standard "wires" Politoys used on their other wire-wheeled models like the Alfa 2600GT, Iso Rivolta and Mercedes 230SL, and which never made an appearance on any of the other models in the range.

My example is finished in silver. This is the easiest colour to find.

Philosophical Questions About Prices

by Baskingshark

There is a well-known saying in the collecting world that "Condition only matters when I already have one." In other words, a wrecked example of something is better than no example at all.

Which is OK in theory, because poor-condition stuff is usually cheap, right? Well, it is if it's a common model. But playworn or otherwise damaged examples of rare models present something of a quandary. It's a wreck, but it's a rare wreck. So how much do you pay for it, knowing it'll be ages before you find a good one? If you ever find another one at all, that is. And if you can afford it if you do...

Take, for example, my new Politoys-M Ferrari 250 Le Mans. This model is fairly common in red, metallic red or silver. There is a rare variant that is metallic blue. These were thought to be the only colours produced.

Dinky Toys' Bling '69 E-Type Jaguar

by Baskingshark

Proving that toy cars could look totally pimpin LONG before Jada Dubs, Dinky prepared to usher in the seventies with this bling metallic purple E-Type 2+2 Coupe on a '69 G plate, complete with turquoise interior and gold baseplate (just about visible in the second picture)!


Model Car Art

by Baskingshark

Having struggled for ages with a fairly crap digital camera that had a digital zoom, but no optical zoom, about two months ago, I finally got fed up and splashed out on a new one with a 10X Optical zoom. It's made photographing items for sale at online auctions FAR easier, as I now don't need to take 25 different pictures to get one useable one - but it's also made it more fun to photograph items from my own collection.

As a huge fan of Car Art, the other weekend, I decided that it was time to experiment a little further and see what sort of model car art I could cook up with it. These are the results;