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Jules Vernes Nautilus Submarine to 1:72 Scale

by ScaleModelNews


We had a nautiloid moment here at SMN, when we realised that good models of Jules Verne's fictional Nautilus are far easier to get hold of than the US Navy vessel. And of the Verne subs, few are better than this one, from Oregon-based Total Immersion.


by Nick Nasta

This is one of my scratch made, 1:35 scale dioramas made with Masterbox figures which I glued together and hand painted. This is one of my all time favorite creations. Enjoy! Don't forget to visit my web site, BATTLE SCENE PRODUCTIONS which I share with my photographer and toy soldier collector friend at www.battlesceneproductions.net and visit the Photo Gallery to see all of our creations. Thanks for stopping by.



FAB 5: Exotic Aurora Kit

by ScaleModelNews

Aurora kits represented a goldmine of exotica in years gone by. While other companies were giving us familiar (even then) P-51 Mustangs and Spitfires, Aurora teased us with luridly marked P-36 Peashooters and of course, movie monsters like The Mummy. Today, such kits achieve good prices on the collector market, and quite right too - though of course, once they achieve such status, they'll never get built, which is a bit of a shame. So which early Auroras have achieved stardom in my hall of fame? Find out now, with Mr J's five Auroras from the vaults:


Free Floating display technique

by oldHooker

Half of the plane and scene are an illusion, generated by the material being affixed to a true first surface mirror which absorbs the brunt of the seam lines and causes the mirror surface to become virtually invisible.     This technique allows aircraft/spacecraft/birds/angels... super heros' etc, to look like they are in unsupported flight; close up you can tell, but more than 2-3 ft away and the subject is floating before your eyes, to the point it causes people to stare!  

I invented and Patented this technique, known as the MID (Mirror Image Display), which allows modelers to not only make an eye catching display, but also build TWO dioramas from ONE kit!       Here are some of my model airplane projects I have completed to date:

1/360th Academy Tu-144

1/300 Airfix 747-400 landing at St. Maarten

1/390 Academy C-5A mounted on a wall plaque display

1/200 Heller SUD Caravelle

1/144 Academy F-14A

1/144 Revell 747-100

1/300 Airfix 747-400

1/48 Revell Stuka

1/200 Hasegawa 737-200

1/390 Academy Tu-144

Not only is this technique great for model projects, but also breathtaking ornaments!

Floating Angel Ornament

Diorama For Collectors Showcase

by Nick Nasta

This is a small section of BATTLE SCENE PRODUCTIONS first Promotional Diorama for a company named, COLLECTORS SHOWCASE.

The World War Two Era German figures and vehicles are all made in 1:30 scale and are limited editions. I made the background buildings and smoke. I colored the smoke but then it was enhanced in the computer to give it a brighter look to it. Don't forget to vist our Photo Galleries which are located on our web site. www.battlesceneproductions.net