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Transformers - The Golden Child

by Radar Toys
Sometimes when we are extremely lucky, great franchises and product lines will culminate together creating an awesome brew of a decade. There is no better example of this than perhaps the 1980’s. Anchored by Transformers, it is perhaps one of the most revered decades of franchises. Cartoons, blockbusters, comic books, and of course, stellar action figures - Transformers is the golden child of the 1980’s.

One great thing about Transformers is that Hasbro has always been  great about making sure that releases have an adequate spread of price points, quality levels and sizes. What this means is that there is ample opportunity to stumble into a unique and affordable Transformer. A prime example, and the purpose of this article, is to promote and shed some light on the 2010 Transformers line of figures called the Reveal The Shield.

A great example of how fast some lines of Transformers come and go, Reveal The Shield featured the expected staple characters and a sprinkle of unique subsidiary ones. Based on the “classic” styling’s of original Transformers, Reveal The Shields was Hasbro’s goal of generating some interest in the origins of the franchise, albeit in a low key way. Nowhere near reissue or replicas, there is altered paint schemes and the use of “rubsigns” to show each character’s true allegiance. Hence the Reveal The Shield. aspect.

Let’s take a look at what we here at Radar Toys enjoyed the most about this here - and - then - gone line of Transformers, the subsidiary characters:

To sum things up, the Reveal The Shield line hit a sweet spot for us. An easy, medium price point, combined with a unique rubsign feature harkening back to the Transformer roots. You can find all three of these figures on our website at the best prices online, as always. Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoyed  the article.

- Radar Toys Team

Nobody is needed here to debate the awesomeness and quality of the BioShock video game franchise. It was detailed, thorough, unique and stunning. Award winning design, beautiful graphic art, it was a masterpiece of an experience. Here at Radar Toys, we are huge fans. What really made us stand up and take notice however, was the fact that the line of action figures were actually given their due respect when it came to design and quality. Too often great franchises are slighted with sloppy, mass produced figures that end up cheapening and staining the series for years to come. Examples that are sitting on the shelves at this very moment are abound. Green lantern movie merchandise anyone? Perhaps Thor? These are perfect examples of cheap products that are not doing justice to the franchise. 

And I know, they're for the kids right? Well, kids form great memories from their favorite and beloved toys, and that has the power to turn them into collectors that can sustain a franchise for years, decades even. Why companies can't seem to grasp this is beyond us. A little more effort in quality, detail, and design can go a long, long ways.

Thankfully, BioShock was spared this slap in the face. Our guess is that because it is of a mature nature, it was treated as such, and reaped the benefit of that. So what made the BioShock figures so great and instantly collectible? The easily evident first attribute was the pool of material they had to start with. Perhaps the most recognizable character from the franchise is the Big Daddy. Scary, tough as nails, and hell bent on protecting his Little Sister, he is gorgeously designed. Drill, tank, suit, the Big Daddy has all the components for a really cool and unique figure. Lets look at some pictures:

Gundam Wing Figures Are Awesome!

by Radar Toys

Some action figures are just a step above their competition. Gundam Wing certainly falls in that category. We fell in love with them years ago in early 2000. The design, the robotic aesthetics, the weapons.....oh my, the cool weapons.....they are just all outstanding figures. Gundam has many lines and variations of figures, from model kits to standard action figures. To us, Gundam is a staple good of what we consider great figures and kits. Look at some of these pictures and see the attention to detail that makes for great futuristic robotic creations:

Gundam Mobile Suit 1 year in 0079 Char's Zaku II -- 29.99$

Mega Man Figures are Mega Awesome!

by Radar Toys

There are so many great things that came out of the 1980's. The music, the fashion, the cartoons, and especially the explosion of video games in the homes of the masses. The 1980's produced a vast array of entertainment that blossomed into great and nostalgic franchises. Gremlins, Transformers, G.I. Joe -- the list could on and on. The Nintendo Entertainment System was a huge success in the world of video games for the home. It absolutely dominated that genre and era. Being very well positioned in that decade, it tied in very well with many of the franchise icons of the time. There is a hefty list of NES games inspired and based on movies and cartoons of the 1980's.

What is awesome to see is that some of the most revered NES game franchises have received their due respect with the release of great action figures at last. The best current example of this can be seen with the release of Mega Man action figures over the last couple of years. Mega Man is rightly considered one the best 8 bit era lineage of games. A side scrolling blasting platform game -- it is epic. For a game that had six editions on the 8 bit NES, it never failed to deliver the quality of game play that went along with the name Mega Man. All of the Mega Man games are considered to be in the top 100 NES games of all time. That is saying something.

At Radar Toys we basically tear up at the sight of mint condition copies of the NES games or the action figures. Mega Man is retro, nostalgic, and all kinds of awesome. The action figures are superb. We love the packaging and the style of the figures themselves. While no one will argue that these are the most articulate or detailed figures --- they are clean, with a smooth retro look and true to the original characters. They have a soft sculpting appeal that we think is great and a perfect fit for the style of Mega Man characters. Just look at some of these pictures and see Mega Man glory:

When I packed my suitcase to go to Brussels, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been in Belgium before, so there was a bit of excitement in it early from the beginning. Taking the Eurostar from London to Brussels early Saturday morning took me to Central Europe in nearly no time and I spent the rest of the day checking out Brussels and its numerous tourist attractions - and I even found two interesting toy shops while walking around (but I forgot to write down the names and addresses - Sorry about that!).

Getting ready for next day's big event I went to bed early and headed to Brussels' Kart Expo early in the morning on Sunday; the place where the 10th Edition of the Collect-Hit took place on the 3rd October 2010.

This year, over 250 exhibitors from more than ten different countries were taking part. The whole event was hosted by Thierry Le Clercq who has really done an amazing job organizing the event - a special thank you to you, Thierry!