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How big are Toy Fairs in the UK?

by LaToya

Source: www.ToyCollector.com

We have run some numbers and estimate the annual spend on UK toy fairs to be between £25-40 million.

Here is our own estimate

Source: www.ToyCollector.com Estimate (collectors might collect more than one subject in which case their first choice of subject was counted)

Mazinger Z

by auctionman

 I was an avid fan of Mazinger Z. I got really hooked onthis robot that I once owned 3 original die cast figures of Mazinger Z plus Questor Magazines which featured popular Japanese robots like Voltes V, Balatac, Grandiser, Daimos and Danguard Ace.

Mazinger Z was a giant Super Robot made of fictitious metal called Super Alloy Z), an element found only in Japan's Mt. Fuji.  The robot was built by Professor Kabuto as a secret weapon to fight the evil forces of Dr. Hell who built gigantic mechanical robots in a vicious attempt to rule the world. 

Dr. Hell, together with Professor Kabuto was part of the Japanese research team that discovered the ruins of a lost civilisation on an island called Bardos. Discovered the civilisation called the Mycene Empire used steel armies about 20 meters tall . On seeing the destructive potentials of these steel armies,  Dr. Hell killed his team and took possesion of the prototypes which he planned to develop by using advanced robot technology.  Professor Kabuto was the lone survivor who managed to return to Japan to warn the world of Dr. Hell's gloabl threat.

Toy Robots from the 50s and 60s

by Joschik

Just love the 50s and 60s editions:

Shame they are so expensive! What do other Toycollector users think of the modern replica, mostly of Chinese origin that are availabe today for principally nothing?