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A good Robot Sale

by SAS

In October 2007 we had more than the usual amount of robots and other space toys, actually about 100 robots!  Here some examples:

Daiya: battery-operated Ranger Robot, clear plastic body, grey plastic arms, red backpack in original box, 270mm, F, some fracturing, box.  Sold for £ 260

I just studied the auction catalogue of this Christie's sale from 2005, about 600 items!  This was one of Hugo Marsh's auctions and would have gone a long way to fill up my collection!

Masudaya Radicon Robot

Dan Dare Toys of the 1950's

by ToyCellar

Originating from Southport, Lancashire, the EAGLE comic first issued in April 1950 made a huge and immediate impact on any boy growing up in the UK in the 1950's.

In austere post war Britain, where most childrens publications were rather dull and mundane, and in black and white, the Eagle comic blazed onto the scene in vivid and bright colours, and leading the way on the front cover was its main character DAN DARE, Pilot of the Future.

This great story strip enabled young readers to let their imagination run wild travelling through countless galaxies, no longer merely earth bound, and with the recent advent of the Jet /Rocket engine and the possible reality of Space flight in the near future, the Eagle comic soon gripped the nation as the No.1 selling children's comic.

A World Gone Mad

by meddsifi

If like myself you were a child growing up in the 60s, way before the computer era and the best you could hope for in your bedroom were a few records and a black & white portable tv. Then you may recall playing outside with your favourite Dan Dare or Stingray cap gun made by Lone Star. I dont know why so manyof us collectors always seem to go back to our youth when it comes to collecting memorabilia but mine is all of that. Thunderbirds, Dr who, Stingray, Fireball XL5 its all there in my collection and a whole lot more besides.

An array of Laser Guns

Collecting ray guns is primarily my favoured collectable, but in a world gone mad political correctness has done its best to see the cap gun go out of fashion and disappear into nothing more than cap smoke and so to is lost our sence of imagination.

I just love this posters (please let me know if there are more than these four).


A new & fun Photo Tool out there

by LaToya

Just came across Dumpr , a free image manupulation tool. Here some of my results:

An Airfix Catalogue Puzzle for its short run of slot cars