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Robot toys - full of features to help humanity

by AuctionStoreBristol

Robot on a bulldozer

Welcome to the amazing and sometimes bizzare world of robots. The following robots have features such as sparking eyes, visible gears, gadgets to fire rockets and some of them even have the ability to ride a bulldozer.

These are pictures of some of my robots from my toy collection. I have recently become a part of Toycollector`s Advisory Board. Therefore I will post some images from my collection here, to share some of my collector experience and knowledge.  I hope you will enjoy them. If you would like to see more of them, click here to see the whole gallery.


Donald Kaufman, co-founder of US toystore K-B Toys and one of the world's most famous collectors of antique toys passed away on October 12th at the age of 79, just weeks after the second sale of his vast toy collection.


This interview with museum owner Chang Yang Fa is the first in an occasional series where LaToya will be talking to people who have jobs that are a toy collector's dream come true!



Article appeared in Collecting Toys Magazine

The artisans of Classic Tin Toy Company prove toy restoration ain't what it used to be

Last year, TwoFour Productions contacted us about their show, Gutted, where their team help people clear the clutter out of their house and turn it into cash by selling it. They've just dropped us a line to say that they're doing a second season, so if you're in the UK and like the idea of turning your clutter into cash and getting on TV into the bargain, here's the details:


The Larry Seiber Collection

by jamesdjulia
We have just come across this site today and will post a little more earlier next time... (the auction is today).

The fortunate few who had the pleasure of knowing the late Larry Seiber were familiar with this very private and somewhat eccentric individual's insistence on the highest quality, condition, and rarity. After a break-in several years back, Seiber, concerned with losing his cache, squirreled away the toys, rarely taking them out to enjoy them. So literally hidden away for many years, seldom seeing the light of day were treasures unknown to most of the collecting world. Alas, Mr. Seiber left us in December, leaving behind a trove of exceptional automotive rarities. With boxes literally stacked floor to ceiling, Truman and Lowe spent several days poring over the contents with the aid of Seiber's family to find the various jewels. A quiet collector, Seiber amassed a splendid array of rare cast iron automotive toys, including a number of examples that are believed to be the only ones in existence. Not only that, the auction is certain to gain the attention of collectors throughout the world who will be pleased by the fact the collection will be offered completely unreserved!

Leading the charge is a phenomenal Arcade clockwork "Say it with Flowers" delivery cycle. Believed to be one of only a few known windup examples in existence, it is one of the most highly sought after toys in history. It consists of an Indian motorcycle with rider affixed to a delivery van back end containing a powerful clockwork motor to propel the heavy cast iron body. All original and painted in brilliant aqua, finished with delicate floral decals and embossed details, it just takes your breath away. Very few of these were made in the first place, and even fewer survived. It comes with a presale estimate of $40,000-60,000.