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Bamfords Auctioneers & Valuers will be standing at Barry Potters Donington Park Toy Fair on Sunday 1st April 2012

We will be promoting our next Toy & Juvenalia Sale which is to be held at The Derby Auction House on Friday 22nd June 2012. Our promotion vehicle will be parked at the front of the Donington Park public entrance. Our stall will have items that have been consigned for our next sale and we will be handing out leaflets in promotion to this so please feel free to come up to us, have a chat and take a leaflet. 

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate in contacting us on 01332 210000 or e-mail [email protected]

While at Sandown Park on Saturday, we whizzed round to see what the auctioneers all had on display from their upcoming sales:

Astons had a mouth-watering array of fantastic items. To start with, there was this mega-rare James Bond Attache Case, complete with all the accessories AND the box!


New Majorette Models

by Doug

Peugeot 406 Police, No.222S 1/60 scaleThe only way I could get these new Majorette models was to have them sent from France. A fellow collector in France was seeking some new matchbox models he could not find and we worked out a trade. It a shame that Majorette is neglecting the North American market because their new offerings include some excellent models.

The BMW 325i is not new but it has not been offered as a police car before. The BMW M3 is new and an excellent casting. This is the first model of the M3 in small-scale. With this models racing success, a track version would also be welcome.


IPMS SIG Classic British Kits

by misobrosko

I have been the first time to the IPMS event at Telford and was just blown away!In the next few weeks I will share all those photos I took.  I will probably introduce the separate SIGs (Special Interest Groups) and other clubs with different posts.  So here the first one, the Classic British Kits special interest group, which focuses on plastic model kits from the golden age of the hobby in Britain.