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Nuremberg Toy Fair Here I Come!

by LaToya


Hi everyone - just wanted to let you all know that as per my forum posts, I'm off to Nuremberg tomorrow for the Toy Fair! 

In a career spanning more than 40 years Tony Teiger has established an enviable reputation as the doyen of Property Masters. His association with 007 dates back to his work as a Stand By Propman on 1967’s You Only Live Twice.

Tony TeigerTony Teiger, September 2006.

This, the fifth Bond film, took the successful franchise to even greater heights. Starring Sean Connery, Tony’s favourite Bond, the Lewis Gilbert movie was set in Japan and required 007 and a team of ‘Japanese secret service ninjas’ to find and stop the culprit of a series of spacejackings before nuclear war is provoked…

Since then, amongst a dizzyingly list of titles including films such as Operation Daybreak, Force Ten From Navarone, Ghandi, The Far Pavilions, Dry White Season, The English Patient, Highlander 4 and Blade where Tony was in charge as Property Master, Tony renewed his association with James Bond on Pierce Brosnan’s Tomorrow Never Dies. For this and most of his 60+ movies Tony was in charge of an entire department, working as Property Master.

Check out my space guns!

by Bergin Toys

Guns have always been fascinating toys for boys. They evoke the spirit of adventure, independence and exploration. Space guns started to be popular in the 60s, with the beginning of the space age. Conecting the passion for guns with the mysterius space setting, space guns were beloved play companions.


James May's Toy Fair!

by James May Toy Stories

James May is following up his hit BBC2 TV series James May's Toy Stories - with a toy fair!

Supported by Hornby Hobbies, the toy fair takes place at the Camden Centre in London on Saturday November 28th and will include a Q&A with James May himself (and a chance to race him at Scalextric) plus a Meccano model-building competition, a huge Hornby model railway layout and the chance to build your own Airfix model and make your own Plasticene Morph.



Donald Kaufman, co-founder of US toystore K-B Toys and one of the world's most famous collectors of antique toys passed away on October 12th at the age of 79, just weeks after the second sale of his vast toy collection.