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Bleeding Edge

by dtoycollector

Size comparison with Sideshow Iron ManBefore I tell you who this statue will be, a bit of story on a funny afternoon.

On our way to the Mall of the Emirates this afternoon, I was driving peacefully at 100 kph in a 6 lane highway. Two lanes to my right was a hot red Ferrari sportscar also peacefully driving at the same speed. Out of nowhere a souped up Mitsubishi Lancer Evo came between us revving his engine obviously wanting a race with the Ferrari...

I don't know about you, but all three of us were lined up so perfectly that I thought i was part of the challenge and that the logical thing to do was to floor the gas pedal immediately. The glory lasted less than 2 seconds and the bastards were gone from my sight in 10. I was left enduring a hysterically screaming angry wife the rest of the trip. Twas fun though....

How to Buy: Paint Brushes

by MichToy

Here's a quick alert for anyone in the UK who's looking for something to do tomorrow, Saturday October 1st!

In Chesham, Buckinghamshire @ 42 High Street is an amazing little shop called Collectors Paradise who do diecast, records, china, Videos & DVDs, Thomas the Tank Engine memorabilia and all sorts of other things. It's one of those great little shops that aren't supposed to exist any more (but still do in a few places!) Tomorrow, they're having a big blow-out half price sale on EVERYTHING in the shop, starting at 8.30am! That's half price on Dinkies, Corgis and much else besides to clear out and make way for all the new stock they don't have space to put out at the moment...

This shop is old-school, so there's no website and no email! Just a phone number - 01 494 794 947 if you'd like directions! The full address is 42 High Stret, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1EE.

Sotheby's is delighted to announce a sale of the celebrated collection of toy boats, soldiers, motorcycles and classic board games lovingly gathered over nearly four decades by legendary collector Malcolm Forbes and his sons. Each area of the collection is amongst the finest of its kind, boasting rare and important examples by the leading toy makers in the field - from a Mƒ ¤rklin recreation of the Cunard Line's "Lusitania" ocean liner, circa 1912, to a rare group of Medieval Mounted Knights crafted by Richard Courtenay, to the earliest surviving handmade Monopoly game-set, circa 1933. The auction will also include 19th century and American paintings depicting the joys of childhood and, together, the collection is estimated to bring $3/5 million. For the next several months, most of the Collection will remain on view at The Forbes Galleries on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan where it has been installed for the past 25 years, before moving to Sotheby's York Avenue headquarters for exhibition and sale on 17 December 2010.

Here you can see some other outstanding pieces of the sale.


The 16th year of Fan Expo Canada saw over 60,000 people crowd into the north building of the Toronto Convention Centre over three days (August 27th to the 29th). This event combines five conventions into one: Comics, Horror, Sci Fi, Gaming and Anime. Fans got a chance to meet their favourite celebrities and pop culture heroes, rub elbows with well known comic book artists and writers, sample upcoming video games, attend workshops and panels, and spend, spend, spend in the retail area that was 600 vendors strong.





This last Saturday, we were all at the landmark 20th Anniversary Sandown Park Toy Fair! Maybe you saw us there?! I was the one taking pictures with my iPhone because the camera conked out as soon as we arrived!