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I stood in one of the many toy aisles of my local big box store and was glad to see and hear a few kids looking over and discussing what was pegged on the Hot Wheels display. I couldn't help thinking back to when I was ten and clambering to see what was hanging on the pegs at the Woolworth's. I couldn't wait to get those gleaming, fresh, pristine cars home and rip them from the package to see just how fast I could get them to zoom down the orange track clamped at the corner of my bed. Or, I'd take popsicle sticks and break them to the width of the road I needed, dragging them through whatever dried patch of dirt I could find to create a whole city of roads.

"I think this one will be worth the most," said the tallest of the two boys. He was a typical kid with his shirt half-tucked into oversized khaki shorts. He had a few healing scrapes that couldn't yet be considered scabs.

"No way," said the smaller, more pristine looking kid. "This one will be worth a mint."

FunHo! #201 Racer (1952)


At long last I received my green racer and have made a group photro of all three: the blue and green sixty year old originals and the 2009 brand new sandcast aluminium racer.

3 racers

The new red racer I  bought at the FunHo! Museum which caters for collectors and visitors only. They have a large selection of parts availaible if you want to restore your old toy. I certainly did with one of my Fire Engines.

This may be a little outside our usual collecting focus, but I couldn't resist snapping some pics of the amazing Radio Controlled models at the fair. Here are the turboprops, gliders, jets, helicopters and a couple of boats from companies like Simprop Electronic, J-Power Group, Ripmax, Topmodel and Thunder Tiger.


Spider-Man Collecting

by Ian

Still my hero - and attainable

I've come across a few fanatical collectors of Spider-man memorabilia and I'll confess that I'm nowhere on their radar, hell, not even in the same hemisphere. Yet, I still feel like a crazed collector even though I've spent maybe a few hundred dollars on my collection, where others have spent tens of thousands. That sounds more like a small gathering of items rather than a collection, but I disagree. I would wager that my little group of Spidey collectibles has the same effect on me as another person's large collection would have on them; it makes me happy, is a very pleasing thing to look at and it has meaning to me.

Kleeware in pictures

by Moddolls


I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures of Kleeware that I have gathered over the years. 

First some advertisement:

One last post from Revell - they now also do this cool (if not for the squeamish) series of X-ray animal models including this Frog, Crocodile (or alligator?) and spider!!!