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1/6 scale 1932 Duesenberg SJ-Louis Chenot



1/3 scale fully functional Ferrari racecar-Pierre Scerri


Running 1/8 scale 1936 John Deere tractor-Jerry Kieffer

1/4 scale running 327 Corvette V-8 Engine-Lee Root


Preamble: Diecast lovers... dot com

by fabiodipa

This is a story of a newborn site... Oh, to be honest diecastlovers.com has a year of life but... is still in beta! Studing mysql database I was interested in categorize my own models. Then I've started creating a database, after some php pages, and, found a name, began to publish some pages online. 
This is the actual aspect of my own site. 
 the homepage of www.diecastlovers.com
After this my idea was to give to everyone the possibility to manage his collection. The rest of the story in my next post.


by Nick Nasta

Another scratch made diorama from BATTLE SCENE PRODUCTIONS.

To see more of their dioramas please visit their web site at: http://www.battlesceneproductions.net

Thank you.