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Thundercats: Way Overdue

by Radar Toys

Since reviving franchises from the 1980's is all the fashion these days, we thought we'd take a moment and celebrate the moment that we've been waiting for since the 1980's became "cool." Thundercats! Thundercats! It's about darn time that this franchise got a second look and perhaps, if we're lucky, some new life. Lot's of storied franchises from that decade have gotten some new life and a second wind. G.I. Joe, Transformers, and heck, even the Smurfs are coming back. While we are somewhat satiated by the Masters of the Universe releases over the years, we are still waiting for more He-Man. That chapter had better not be closed...laugh.

Thundercats, however, has been deserving it's due credit for some time now. One reason that Thundercats is so deserving of a re-release and revival is that it was one of the franchises that helped make the 1980's become so "cool." Reprint Thundercats tee shirts were among the first vintage remade apparel celebrating that decade. So it is definitely about time.

Thundercats was not some weird flash in the pan 1980's cartoon, as many people who missed it believe. It ran from 1985 - 1990 and had a television movie. It was a huge success in the merchandising arena. The action figure lines actually lasted longer than the syndication of the cartoon. Not to mention apparel, lunchboxes, and games. Thundercats was big time. It's seems like some kind of error that the Thundercats franchise has somehow been left behind in all this. 

Watch out Nuremberg & New York! Russia's toy fair is coming up behind you! This year's Toy Russia delighted more toy professionals than: 7,023 visitors – 12 per cent more than last year – converged on Moscow to check out latest trends in the toy market.

Metal Lunchboxes and Americana

by Radar Toys

Here at Radar Toys we spend a lot of time doing one thing - time traveling. Epic nostalgia adventures into times gone past, until we wake up and it's time to pay bills. The great franchises of story, television, and movies from the last five decades have been aging very well and holding their own against the media of today. And given the media of today, originality, it seems, is harder than it appears. The fashion the last few years is to revisit, re-make, and reinvent things that were revered in the past. So, it seems these days that anything good is actually only "recycled good." We could insert a very long list here that could go like, Transformers, Willy Wonka, and about a dozen superhero movies. And you know what....

That's okay. People enjoy seeing their revered franchises see the light of day again, and they cross their fingers that the new spin will do the franchise justice. It gives people the opportunity to share something that was special to them at one time, with someone that they care about and experience it once more. If done well, it can be a very good thing for beloved franchises. So what's the point of all this, you say?

The other day we were time traveling again and sharing stories. The conversation turned to a product that we all had as kids, and yet they were all different. What was it, you say? It was something awesome, something functional, and something we loved and yet, beat up on with healthy amounts of abuse. Drum roll please..we give you... metal lunchboxes. At Radar Toys we are certainly all unique and different individuals, and yet, we laughed at how amazing it is that we all had this one product in common. 

Have you ever wanted to bring your DieCast,plastic,steel,etc. minature police vehicles to life? Well I have done just that in NFS HighStakes (PC game) I have created vehicles based on ones in my collection and all of which is playable in this mentioned game:

Hacking Plastic II

by MikeBlake

Hacking Plastic

by MikeBlake

I have no idea how this will go, but I have decided to start a blog covering my love of doing just that, and wargaming with the results. It will meander and lurch rather like me and may not last but hey, I'm 68 today so if I don't give a Blog a go soon it will be too late!

Currently I have a long, long list of projects, covering many periods but all held up by a desparate attempt to finish a book. The text is done, I am going through intergrating illustraion captions in their right place in the text. This, and finishing the line drawings themselves, has meant I put all my modelling projects on hold, which has been very frustrating.

However a forthcoming wargames weekend at my place has meant I have had to dig out old figures and terrain and check for damage etc, and the sceanrios have stirred longings to do some new figures. I had some Maquis figures converted and awaiting painting, and although one of the guys coming has some suitable figures I decided to paint mine too. Naughty but there are only 5 of them... except I then thought how great it would be to have some Milice (collaorationist para-military militia) and/or Group Mobile Reserve (GMR para-military police). Oh dear. Will I resist or will there be some collaborationist scum waiting to pounce on the gallant Resitance? Watch this space...