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Manned Models - Science, or just fun?

by MrSnoobs
Manned models
Manned models are model ships that can carry and be handled by at least one person on an open expanse of water. They must behave just like real ships, giving the shiphandler the same sensations. Physical conditions such as wind, currents, waves, water depths, channels and berths must be reproduced realistically.


Manned model of a 250 000 dwt tanker

"Manned models are used for research (e.g. ship behaviour), engineering (e.g. port layout) and for training in shiphandling (e.g. maritime pilots, masters and officers). They are usually at 1:25 scale.

Popeye The Sailor

Woody Woodpecker

Tom and Jerry

Military Vehicles Past and Present

by TalesofToyCars

Article initially published by Ivan Delgado, images by Ivan Delgado and Doug Breithaupt.