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Dinky projects code 3

by Mopsy

Few pics of finished projects

Send away car

by fseelye


by Bilfred

Vezelay En Lancre

Vezelay a town divided, like many in King Louis' France, between Huguenot and Catholic

Today it is market day, a special occassion when rivalries can be temporarily set aside

Outside St Etienne's the stall are already doing a brisk trade

Lesney Matchbox Regular wheels 1-75

by tigerboy81

   I thought it would be good to start a blog about the originals.  there are many subjects we could discuss including restoration, the rare ones, and variations of course.  also I love the great stories of receiving them as a child.  if you collect these,  feel free to contact me.

   I will try to put some pics of my collection soon.  I have been busy this past year and a half educating myself on Lesneys.  I look forward to hearing from some of you soon.  until next time....

We have some very exciting sales coming up in the next few months here at Aston’s Toy Auctions, which I’m sure we will be filling you in on very soon. While we’re busy getting lots ready for our 14th September sale, I’d like to share with you the hammer prices on some of our sci-fi and TV related lots from our last auction on 17th August.


This very exciting rare Mego Black Knight Jousting Horse Cover, which you may remember from a previous blog post, sold for £950 to a very determined bidder.

8th December Toy Auction

by aston

As Christmas approaches, so does the last Toy auction of 2012, and with over a thousand lots, this is not a sale to be missed! 

We have around 150 lots of Model Kits and also some examples of original Airfix artwork.