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Bayko 42 - Chateau D'If

by Bilfred

Chateau D'If

The Musketeers last huzzah!

The gardens of the Louvre, Queen Anne meets with the only four men she can truly trust - her Regency is about to end and she fears for the future of France in the hands of her feckless son, Louis.

A few days later the gallant four find quarters at the Auberge Debarry on the Marseilles Road - from whose upper windows they can snatch a glimpse of their distant objective

This diorama is scratch made. We used the newest World War One figures from FRONT LINE FIGURES to create this exciting diorama. The British are in the process of getting over run by the German soldiers. The barbed wire, trench, sand bags and poison gas alarm are all scratch made. The poison alarm is to the left of the entrance to the tunnel. The soldier would grab the metal bar and hit the empty shell as a gas warning.  Oh, I also made the smoke clouds and explosions. See more at; www.battlesceneproductions.net  and look in the PHOTO GALLERY which is on the side bar to the right. Thank you for your time.



by Bilfred

 Bayko 35

( also available with a sharper photoset at 2484.members.page4.me - password 'waterloo' )

'Nemandawara-Jo'  - 1575

the Japanese Crecy


I enjoy obtaining Britains cannons that are quite play-worn and damaged, and restoring
them partially or completely. My goal in most restorations is to take pieces that were
practically destroyed, and make them functional and reasonably nice. I've learned more
or less on my own, with a little metalwork background; I consider myself still a novice at this.
I've restored about a dozen 1201s, both the older version (the wheel with the flat ribbed
hub and the hex nut center) and newer (wheel with rounded hub). Most of the 1201 cannons
I have worked on had 4 basic problems: warped frames, bent or missing gun shields, damaged
towhooks and, most of all, broken or damaged wheels. Many of these fixes have required me
 to take apart and reassemble the cannons. I do this all with the simplest of tools.
 This is how I do it:

The front gun is the one to fix, the back gun is what a 1201 should look like in reasonable
condition. The wheels will be the replacement wheels on the cannon.


by Bilfred


( also available with a sharper photoset at - 2484.members.page4.me - password 'waterloo' )