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Nuremberg #10: Day 3 Gallery!

by LaToya

Wow, this is great, it's like Toy overload! Yesterday alone, I took about 250 pictures!

I'll be blogging about everything separately, but time is running tighter than I expected, so until I get the chance to write more, you can see the whole Day 3 gallery here

In the meantime, here's a prototype 1/18 Lada from Ixo to be going on with!


I am greatly saddened to report that our friend and Model Kit forum moderator James Bush, known to all on TC as Hippie, has passed away after a period of ill-health.


'55 Chevy Build by Hippie

JSC 295 THV Galatea

by JSCModels

Galatea was built in Gdansk, Poland and launched on 26. July 2006.
The tender was designed to fulfil all tasks connected with service, overhaul and buoy replacement all over the year. Moreover Galatea can do many tasks on high sea - such as towing, hydrographical search, wreck marking, staff and equipment transport. She can also be used as a base for other operating units and helicopters.
THV Galatea was named by Her Majesty The Queen Elisabeth II. The ceremony took place on 17 October 2007 on the River Thames. THV Galatea was berthed side-to-side with HMS Belfast.
THV Galatea was named on untypical way - not straight after launching, but after commissioning and coming from Poland to London.

Galatea zostala zbudowana w Stoczni Po…€šnocnej w Gdansku i zwodowana 26 lipca 2006 r.
Statek zostal zaprojektowany tak, aby sprostac wszelkim zadaniom zwiazanym z obs…€šuga, remontami i wymiana boi przez ca…€šy rok. Oprocz tego Galatea moze wykonywac rozne zadania na pe…€šnym morzu - holowania, badania hydrograficzne, znakowanie wrakow, transport personelu i sprzetu. Moze tez s…€šuzyc jako baza do prac wykonywanych przez inne jednostki oraz helikoptery.
THV Galatea zostala ochrzczona przez sama krolowa brytyjska Elzbiete II. Uroczystosc odbyla sie na Tamizie w Londynie 17 pazdziernika 2007 r.  THV Galatea zacumowa…€ša burta w burte z HMS Belfast.
Sytuacja by…€ša dosc nietypowa, poniewaz Galatea nie zostala ochrzczona od razu po wodowaniu, tylko po ukonczeniu budowy i dop…€šynieciu z Gdanska do Londynu.

Is this a record.???

by mapmaker1272

Hi well i thought i had finished counting until last night .. was clearing  out  the attict and found an old box with a few bits and pices in it .. here it is 


Cavlery (monuted Inf).......682
Horse Artilary(Filed Guns)..32
TOWd ART.........................20

(check my ealrier posts)

So can any one tell me is thos some sort of record?

May be i should approach the  Guniness Book of Records??

Logans modle army ( LMA)

by mapmaker1272


I have finished counting....

hers the final counnt

Infantry......................15212 (Feild Marahal rank to l/cpl) & disions‚  ‚  ‚  and‚  2‚  regimants and ttwo btns
Cavalry..........................673 (6 brigs and‚   1 red)
Tanks..............................63 ( thought i had more than that)
Horse artilary Field Guns 32
Vech/TOWd Guns...........20

well so far‚   my 14000
have been organised in to‚   7 foot diviosn (‚  6 combat divions and‚  1 suport divison) of 2000 strong ( yes i know the scalings wrong...(ho/oo is 1:72 scale so my 14000(plus) is the equlivant to a army of‚  .. back in a mo need a calulator)......
.........OMG‚  ‚   over a millon strong ..100800o!!!!

well for me its the colletors‚   artistic liecnes(cant spell that)

..any way

1st Logan Highlanders (wloo)
2nd Duke of Dougles (wloo)
3rd Earl of Wessex Riffles (wloo)
4th Lord Digbys Foot (Eng ww2)
5th Werl motoiresd ( Ger ww2)
6th Montargis( Frn wloo)
7th Lord Leicester's Foot ( war roses

..\just thouhgt‚   got start counting the cav now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16:58 UPDTAE on the count....14000 stopped count cos my fingers are sore and i am getting to the end ofit‚   probile 300 or 400 hundred left.. will have an exact number tomoorw ....

UPDATE on the count... 8OOO‚   stoped the night bloody knakerd ... will start again sometime tomorrow

hi welcome to my blog .. well i am new to this‚   so i guess to start with its gona be‚   a bit boaring‚   etc so you will haev to bear with me ..oh and yes‚   i am dyslexic too...

i have a collection of ho/oo plastic‚   mainly arfix soilders ... and belive its quite a collection.. in the region or‚   11,000‚  soilders..250 cavelry..100 tanks... 27 field guns..

but that was‚   9 years ago whnnei last ofially counted them

today‚   i diesced it time i started a recount‚   cos i know i have colected at least another 2,500 sicen then..and i am think of making a record enrty so if any one knows of a larger collection would be good to know ..

so‚   heres the‚   sart of the count


comeback and see how it goes....

I guess a spome stage ill get pics on here too OOOO2



In a career spanning more than 40 years Tony Teiger has established an enviable reputation as the doyen of Property Masters. His association with 007 dates back to his work as a Stand By Propman on 1967’s You Only Live Twice.

Tony TeigerTony Teiger, September 2006.

This, the fifth Bond film, took the successful franchise to even greater heights. Starring Sean Connery, Tony’s favourite Bond, the Lewis Gilbert movie was set in Japan and required 007 and a team of ‘Japanese secret service ninjas’ to find and stop the culprit of a series of spacejackings before nuclear war is provoked…

Since then, amongst a dizzyingly list of titles including films such as Operation Daybreak, Force Ten From Navarone, Ghandi, The Far Pavilions, Dry White Season, The English Patient, Highlander 4 and Blade where Tony was in charge as Property Master, Tony renewed his association with James Bond on Pierce Brosnan’s Tomorrow Never Dies. For this and most of his 60+ movies Tony was in charge of an entire department, working as Property Master.