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Scale Model Restoration alittle about me and what i do

by scalemodelrestoration

Hi Folks! Its Mj here, this will be my first of the first blog, i have no idea what a blog is so im here to find out!

Being Born in the midwest in 1965 Prime time for scale model model building, But i didnt find that out for a few years, in fact my Grandfather was into HO scale trains and that is what i started out with.....for a few years anyway.

That lasted till about 1972 or '73 i switched over to model car's, i remember my father (the one i grow up with) picked up a model 1940 Ford Pick up. that i was to brush paint for a 4-H event happing at a fair grounds by were we lived......

JSC 007 Askold, Novgorod

by JSCModels


Novgorod - the world's strangest ship !!!
The project of the ship was presented at the end of 1871 by admiral Andrey Alexandrovich Popov. Unfortunatelly the construction turned out to be unsuccesful. Seaworthiness was very poor and the speed was very low.
Novgorod was never used in a battle.

(on the photos there is a prototype) was a Russian cruiser. She took part in first Japanese-Russian war. Later Askold took part in a numerous operations during WW1 including the Dardanelle one.
In 1922 sold for scrapping in Hamburg.

The Tamiya stand was large and impressive. Half dedicated to the R/C stuff, the other half had all the model kits. Like numerous companies exhibiting, Tamiya seem to have figured out that not everyone likes to have to paint their kits, and so they've started offering part-built model ranges. These included these 1/12 exotic cars:


Aoshima's model car kit range includes lots of great authentic Japanese tuners like the Nissan GT-R and 350Z, Silvias, vintage Mazda RX-7, Toyota Sprinter and even Hiace vans. They also do some mean tuners in 1/43. 


This last Saturday, we were all at the landmark 20th Anniversary Sandown Park Toy Fair! Maybe you saw us there?! I was the one taking pictures with my iPhone because the camera conked out as soon as we arrived!


Bad me, I've been slacking on getting these posted!

Here's the impressive array of air-related kits Revell had on show. There was a huge mix of scales and skill levels, plus something for every taste, including a space shuttle and a zeppelin. For some reason, this must be the year of the space shuttle and zeppelin, as several manufacturers seem to be coming out with models of both of them!

Also in common with many other manufacturers, Revell is tyring to lure in new, younger clientelle with easier-to-make snap-together kits and models that come ready-painted (and very nicely painted at that). They're also marking the Battle of Britain anniversary with a special kit set.