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1/43rd motor racing figures

by HistoricF1

Still finding my way around TOY COLLECTOR site. I think/hope I have uploaded some pics of my models to my gallery.

1/43rd motor racing figures

by HistoricF1

New member interested in models etc of Formula One, Le Mans or any type of motor racing during the fifties, sixties and seventies. I have a large collection of white metal/resin cars and figures.
Jim Clark in a thinking mood

Germany's Schreiber-Bogen had their very impressive paper & card model kits on display. They model every type of vehicle you can think of in their range!


Vans, Motorbikes & Cars (and some buildings and trains!):

From IBG Models, there was a really good display of military models - planes, tanks, WW3 and more - in a variety of scales from IBG Models themselves, Hobby Boss and Tristar:


Kinder Toys - WooHoo!

by ComaCalm

Site is finally updated! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I have decided against scanning the papers onto the net for now, as I still haven't received the scanner. Please do view my site and let  me know of any ways to improve it or just what you generally think of it!

Happy Collecting, Vickie. 

Kinder Toys

by ComaCalm

I've never been good at writing about things, so hopefully this won't be a babbly mess!

At the moment I'm currently listing all my toys onto my site, kindercalm.jimdo.com, which is going to take ages, but worth it. The site has had a lot of changes so far, as I get bored easily, but hopefully I'll settle on one design.

If anyone collects these, check out my 'to trade' list, I have plenty of kinders on there I wish to trade. When I get round to making a new link thing, I also have a couple of tazos and a lot of McDonalds toys I need to get rid of.

Two sets I'm trying to collect at the moment are three totem figures from the K98 series (I have a hedghog/wizard, which I've had since I was a child, it's my favourite) and there's a mole mission set, which comes in five pieces and when joined together makes a perfect circle.

What does everyone else collect?