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Splash Special Interest Group

by misobrosko

Another Stall I visited was stall of the Splash Special Interest Group. An IPMS UK Special Interest Group dedicated to all things that fly from the water - from Sopwith Baby to Ekranoplan



Lots of interesting stuff on the Testors stand. Testors have been busy trying to find ways to attract new, younger builders to the hobby and to this end, they've brought out lots of kits in various scales and subjects that are designed for easier building. Some are snap-together, some aren't; some have diecast bodies and some are plastic, but all come with more pre-painted parts than traditional kits, making them easier and quicker to build and guaranteeing a better-looking result than traditional first builds! I'm sure  these will open up some interesting debates  on their merits and the hobby in general, but there are some good-looking models here nontheless:


Mustangs and Corvettes in 1/32 and Heroes of  the Sky vintage warplanes, including Messerschmitt 109and Mustang in 1/72:

A fabulous discovery at the iHobby Expo for me was Wespe Models. These fantastic military vehicles and trains are made in resin in Romania and come in various scales, including 1/48 and 1/87. You can get them as kits or fully built and they look GREAT with amazing detail.  While all do come intended to be made as military-themed models, lots of them, like the Opel and Tatra staff cars and some of the trucks could easily be built up as civilian subjects too!


Lots to see from AMT/Polar Lights/MPC. We'll check out the great AMT cars separately later, but for now here's Polar Lights, MPC and a few AMT latest models making the sci-fi and TV tie-in scene!


Hi everyone,

I've been talking with TwoFour Productions in the UK, who are currently making a Christmas special for Channel 4 about best-loved and best-remembered toys. They've sent us over a list of toys they're looking for to feature on the show and want to borrow examples of the following from collectors to film:

  • Original Action Man - Preferably with Eagle Eye feature
  • An original unassembled Airfix Kit
  • He-Man Figures
  • Dungeons and Dragons Boardgame and Figurines
  • Vintage Hornby Train Set featuring an old locomotive
  • 1970's Hot Wheels Cars
  • Major Matt Mason
  • Raving Bonkers
  • Six Million Dollar Man Figure
  • Star Wars Toys
  • Stretch Armstrong Doll
  • Striker
  • Subbuteo
  • Spirograph Set
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Tickle-Me Elmo
  • Transformers


When I packed my suitcase to go to Brussels, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been in Belgium before, so there was a bit of excitement in it early from the beginning. Taking the Eurostar from London to Brussels early Saturday morning took me to Central Europe in nearly no time and I spent the rest of the day checking out Brussels and its numerous tourist attractions - and I even found two interesting toy shops while walking around (but I forgot to write down the names and addresses - Sorry about that!).

Getting ready for next day's big event I went to bed early and headed to Brussels' Kart Expo early in the morning on Sunday; the place where the 10th Edition of the Collect-Hit took place on the 3rd October 2010.

This year, over 250 exhibitors from more than ten different countries were taking part. The whole event was hosted by Thierry Le Clercq who has really done an amazing job organizing the event - a special thank you to you, Thierry!