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First two pictures are from the top of the stairs, you can see how many people came to visit and wander around stalls, here they are so you can imagine the Telford atmosfere a bit more.

telfor IPMS

Telford 2010 IPMS

I had a great talk with Minicraft about their model  plane range and the model kit hobby in general. They had a whole range of different planes in a whole range of different scales. Check out these pics of everything from 727's to Spitfires to Convairs!


Here's what I found from Trumpeter! These are some amazing kits with incredible detail levels!


The Airfix Tribute Forum is a fantastic place for Airfix fans and builders to connect and discuss Britain's favourite model kit brand and has grown in leaps and bounds under Richard Linnell, the man currently in charge. But as well as running this highly successful forum, Richard has a fascinating toy-related life story, as he, his father and his grandfather all worked for Mettoy in Northampton. We caught up with him and for a Q&A about Mettoy and the forum!

Today I will share with you pictures from the IPMS scale model competition. I was not able to capture all the models which have won because when I arrived some of them were already taken away by their owners, or taken away by professional photographers, who were taking pictures of models in stand right next to the competition area. From every category (there were almost 100 categories) I have only one picture of the winning model. Here are first ten pictures of winning models. Next time I will publish another ten pictures of another great models... What else should I say? Enjoy the the pictures of models built by real professionals... 



iHobby Expo 2010: Moebius Models

by LaToya

Moebius Models had a great array of sci-fi & fantasy figure kits and vehicles with a twist!