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Time flies when you're building an online marketplace! It's taken me a whole week to edit up these photos of Houten, where we spent the Saturday before last at Europe's biggest Toyfair, promoting the site. Here's our stand:

While I have not been for a while (so it is partly my fault), this article that I copied from the Yorkshire Post. shocked me since it is what is inevitably happening with the hobby as the internet becomes a more and more important part of the hobby:

It caters for a traditional hobby and The Model Shop has itself become one of Hull’s traditions with premises that have barely changed for generations.

As ever, there was a lot of impressive stuff on the Dragon stand, including new action figures in 1/6, awesome accessories for those action figures, model kits - and something a little different that we'll get to at the end of the post. The action figures include some incredible WWII pieces, and their correct-scale accessories include WW2-era Jeeps, tanks and horses. And some dangerous-looking weapons, while the kits include numerous very nice high-detail ship models.

Heller have been around for a long time, and managed to bring several classy kits to the fair.


I know I just posted the Revell slot cars, but the kits are so great, I'm doing them next anyway! There's something for everyone here; cars, military, boats, fire engines(!) - and a fantastic London Bus!

Charlie Bury has one of the most amazing Action Figure sites I know, he makes super realistic models of military scenes, here the one I like most (more on his site here).

Since almost everybody has seen Saving Private Ryan, we all know what a Landing Craft Vehicle Personel Boat is, better known as a Higgins Boat. These little devils helped win WW2. They are most famous for the Normandy Invasion (DDAY). Charlie thought it would be challenging to build a Joe Size Higgins LCVP, Landing Craft.‚   These photos will show how he constructed his Higgins Boat.