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Scarce Timpo Puzzle Cubes ?!

by aston

Does anybody have any more information about these Timpo Puzzle Cubes featured in our next toy sale...? The six pictures which can be created include a ship, a bus and a locomotive. Whilst we often sell puzzle cubes in our mixed lots of games, this is the first Timpo example I have seen.

By Nell Hilditch

Bamfords Auctioneers Toy, Juvenalia and Collectors Sale - Friday 2nd March 2012 commencing at 10.30am at the Derby Auction House.

Viewing Thursday 1st March from 2pm until 5pm and on the morning of the sale from 9am.

Live bidding at www.the-saleroom.com/bamfords

The sale to include 400 lots of Toys, Dolls, Teddy Bears, Trains, Die-Cast, Corgi Toys, Dinky Toys, Tinplate, Star Wars, Lead Figures, Autographs, Books, Sporting Memorabilia, Stamps, Cigarette Cards, Medals and Militaria.

Lot 159 - The Filoscope flipbook optical toy, The British & Biograph Co Ltd, printed tinplate case holding a series of black and white images, the lever is used to flick the images to give the illusion of movement, 8.5cm long, c.1900

Lot 206 - Paradise Novelty Co clockwork tinplate and celluloid Mickey Mouse Jolly Cart, celluloid Mickey Mouse figure in tinplate cart being lead by a celluloid figure of Pluto, Regd No. 536488, 19cm long, boxed - illustrated paper label to lid

What's So Funny About Talking Teeth?

by Collectors Weekly

There’s something to be said for being easily amused. In the 1940s, toy inventor Eddie Goldfarb saw an ad for a false-teeth holder called a “Tooth Garage” and he started cracking up. In his head, he saw a pair of dentures, chomping and sputtering down the road like a car, and parking on their own.

Thus, in 1949, Yakity-Yak Talking Teeth—the wildly popular wind-up gag commonly known as “chattering teeth”—were born.

The Story of Nerf!

by Argos

Nerf products have been a back garden favourite for some 40-odd years, but did you ever wonder how the idea for foam-firing guns and spongy basketballs came about?

Nerf inventor Reyn Guyer was on a high having invented the famous Twister and in 1968, he launched Winsor Concepts to develop ideas for new products in the toy/gaming world. Among these was a caveman-themed game, which featured foam “rocks”. While working on the game, which never made it to the shelves, the designers started idly bouncing one of the rocks over a net, realised this was more fun than the original idea.

Early Handmade ONIONSKIN-LUTZ Marble


Hello Marble Collectors

Hope everyone is looking forward to another GREAT YEAR!!!! Ive found another wonderful ear;y german handmade I thought everyone might like to see,so I'll post some photos of this antique beauty...its an early 1850ish german "ONIONSKIN LUTZ" loaded with sparkling copper/goldstone,a real beauty to look at...one of the highest prize finds for all marble collectors...As always we invite whoever happens by to drop a note with any questions or comments...Good to see at the new activity here on toycollector Our hats off to all collectors alike who do their part to make this happen...Have a wonderful spring and hope to see some new visitors here on marbles....Sorry for the short visit,will be back soon...Thanks Rodney(old marble nut)