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5 Million Toy Soldiers on 10,000 sq.ft.

by Fitzpimlico

Came across Classic Toy Soldiers, Inc. on the web and was pretty impressed:

- Their 10,000 square foot warehouse contains over 5 million toy soldiers representing almost 3,000 different products

- Started 15 years ago through the creation of a Davy Crockett Alamo set

50,000 Orks Attacking as Night Falls

by Fitzpimlico

50,000 Orks Logo

Kai Fuhrmann and Peter Herfen don't make small plans. In Oktober 2007 they had though it would take 50,000 orks to take a city if they would attack at night...


Rofur Flags are to kill for

by Fitzpimlico
Plasty CoachFirst Plasty, pretty much unknown outside Germany and there also not that successful against Timpo's invasion into Germany and is cult status.

Unfortunately, I could not find out anything about the company's history - please add comments if you are in the know.

John Jenkins Exotic 28 & 54mm Figures

by Fitzpimlico

Japanese monks and temple building in 28mm Japanese monks and temple building in 28mm

Born in Wales, John studied Fine Art at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (apparently correctly spelled). After graduating in 1984 John started a career in theatre design by moving to London where he designed for many of the smaller local theatre companies. These ranged from Stage Electrician with English National Opera, prop maker, scenic carpenter, to scenic artist on 'Phantom of The Opera'. After 4 years, John move back to live in South Wales, where he worked as a freelance designer in Welsh language theatre and television. In 1995 John emigrated to Canada where he continued to design, winning various awards. Canada seems also his artistic home - have a look at his range and you know what I am talking about. In 1998 John spent the summer working as a model maker in Toronto, with Brian Cole Models (we will have to talk about those later). After getting married he moved to live and work in Hong Kong where he now produces his fine but still quite small range.

54/60mm Minitiatures

Some beautiful products coming from Elastolin, Lineol, TippCo and others.

Here a Lineol 8x8 Flak from 1937