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Lineol and other figures in my garden

by Toymaniac

I don`t know if other collectors alos like to take pictures of their figures in the garden or other outside territories. I really like it much. Yesterday I took this picture of  old Lineol / Elastolinfigures.

Given the fact that the new Green Lantern movie is about to debut, we thought it was appropriate to take a look back and see what made the franchise so great. What kept it so fresh for decade after decade? A DC Comics powerhouse, the Green Lantern franchise debuted in 1940. That’s some serious roots in the world of comics. What we love about the appeal of the Green Lantern storylines is that the powers are derived from special rings. You aren’t born with special abilities, you just need the ring. Can’t you just imagine slipping one of those bad boys on? Now that’s some serious bling! Excuse us, while we suppress our power hunger right about now.

After the original story of the Green Lantern, which was the legendary Alan Scott character, the Green Lantern story evolved into many rings. That helped create the room for more characters and more complex storylines. It was a smart move and helped the franchise survive the 1950's, 60's and 70's. It helped shape and give birth to the richly detailed world of the Green lantern.

To us, more recently, the best thing to happen to the franchise was the Blackest Night storyline. You have a superb mixture of characters from many DC franchises mixing it up. Some alive, some dead, some resurrected good guys becoming bad guys and vice versa. It’s awesome. Ever want to see an evil Superman? A rotten Batman? A Lex Luthor trying to help? It’s a fantastic storyline and helped to renew the Green Lantern franchise for another generation. Plus, it gave birth to waves of figures that were unique and interesting. Here’s a quick look:

green lantern blackest nightgreen lantern blackest night

Will the movie do the Green lantern justice? Who knows. We certainly hope so. At least the stories are on the path to success with the recent Green Lantern Brightest Day series gaining steam. So here’s to Alan Scott, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner – Green Lanterns.

These about 7cm large German toy soldiers must be from about 1915. I bought them together with Elastolin 10cm soldiers from this time. They have no manufacturer sign. Who knows the manufacturer?

The Duke of Cambridge Commemorative Teddy Bear is a Limited Edition made of Mohair, and is fully jointed.Commemorating the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate.

The old trademark of Max Hermann, the green triangle and the portrait "bear with the running dog", is still very evident on all teddy bears produced by the HERMANN-Coburg Company. This trademark symbolizes the strong values, ideas and commitment of a man whose entire life was characterized by his love for teddy bears -classic, timeless, beautiful teddy bears.Hermann Spielwaren create beautiful Mohair teddy bears in Coburg, Germany in the traditional style. They have produced teddy bears for the world for three generations. What started with just a handful of teddy bears has grown into an amazing variety of unique bears each with their own personality.

Size 30 cm = 11 ¾ inches tall. Limited Edition of 250 pieces.Embroidered on a foot paw-pad are the words "Prince William" and his edition number, out of 250.He is wearing a red uniform jacket with sash, in the style of his wedding day uniform.

Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear by Steiff

by Carmina_Bearana

Fashion Icon Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear by Steiff is absolutely tres Lagerfeld and tres chic!

Made of white alpaca, Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear stands 16 inches and decked out in his signature look - Lagerfeld jeans, elegant jacket made of Italian wool from his studio in Paris, dress shirt, a black silk tie with Swarovski crystal, a sophisticated leather belt with the crystal-studded initials “KL” and his ever present trademark- the miniature black designer sunglasses from the “Karl Lagerfeld Eyewear” collection.  The Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear is a   Limited Edition of 2,500 pieces worldwide and bears a white-gold plated “Button in Ear” as a symbol of its exclusiveness. Released in 2008. Original Steiff U.S. price: $999.00