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Wargaming in the back garden in 1953

by john tunstill

1953 back garden wargames, rudimentary squares, charges of light brigades, cotton wool explosions, all in 54mm Britains, Hanks, Renvoise, Charbens and others. Many of my early soldiers I still have, and many more I sold through my Soldier Shop in Lambeth, London, near the Imperial War Museum. 

Photo, hundreds of figures, many home-cast WWII, in the grass. With a few Timpo cowboys.

30 years of Stadden Figures

by john tunstill

My first blog entry is about Stadden figures. 

The photo is of a British Infantryman, 1880-1914, wearing a Home Service Helmet, one of the regiments with white facings.

Made in the 1950's, and up until the 1980's. Charlie Stadden was in early partnership with Roy Maitland, of Norman Newyon Limited, and together they made and sold figures via a gentleman's outfitter in the Burlington Arcade in London's West End.

Later Maitland opened a shop in London's Shepherd Market, where I joined him as a general manager prior to the opening of the shop Tradition in Piccadilly, London. Eventually a military model hobby magazine was produced, with some guidance from me, also called Tradition.


Corporal and detail, same regiment, 54mm lead-alloy

When I opened my own soldier shop in Lambeth, London, near the Imperial War Museum I produced a cheaper range of Stadden figures marketed under the name Just Soldiers. Stadden figures were always fixed to a flat tin base, Just Soldiers had a round "pebbled" base. Several dozen figures were produced in the Just Soldier range, Napoleonic to WWII. Many figures are still available from [email protected]-



Stingray and Terrorfish

by spookcentral

Matchbox Stingray and Terrorfish now listed!

Carded, in very good condition. Some minor creases to card.

Matchbox Stingray and Terrofish. Stingray with rotating propulsion unit. Terrorfish with movable jaw.


Admittedly it's sometimes hard to get us too fired up about Batman. Batman is already a comic book legend, and that has been certified for decades and decades. He's been crushing it in the box office pretty much since the beginning and that doesn't look to be ending anytime soon. His action figures generally look great on the shelves, and when they go our of print, a new line arrives as reinforcements. His storyline has survived years and years, and is very well known in the mainstream. So why such Batman apathy sometimes over here at Radar Toys?

When it comes to Batman, you know what you're getting. You know the story, you expect the results, you still grin from ear to ear the entire time in the theater, but generally there is no surprise. Batman has a franchise storyline that is fairly intact, having been drummed out over years and years. There are very few options when it comes to changing or tinkering with the story that wouldn't weaken or be a disservice to what we all love as Batman. That means that the Batman franchise can seem stagnant to us here at Radar Toys sometimes. We keep thinking, "Wouldn't it be awesome to see another part of the Batman story that was completely fresh? Completely original?" And then....this:


ZipBin's are a great example of a progressive and well thought out toy design. Made by the company Neat Oh!, ZipBin's are certainly new school. So what are they exactly? ZipBin's are unique totes for kids that let them pack around their toys and goodies. But to simply call them just a tote, would be a disservice to the awesomeness that is a ZipBin. They're way cooler than just a tote.

A ZipBin is essentially a kid's command center for travel playtime. First, they pick out the toys cherished enough to go on this great adventure of Mom and Dad's errand list. Then they pack their ZipBin with the goodies and they're good to go. Lastly, they locate the best real estate and set up shop for playtime by unzipping their bin and turning it into an awesome playmat with all their goodies. 

When playtime's over it's just a few zips from becoming a portable tote of imagination once again. It's both unique and cool. Let's take a quick look at what they look like:

NIGHT OF NIGHT is the name of Episode 2/10 and it's on You Tube now.

Click on photo to see Episode 2/10. Thank you very much for your time and patience.

Stay Well,