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Bayko 45

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Bayko 44

'La Hachada'


by Bilfred

Bayko 41

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Nova Carpena , the Festival of Peace

This diorama is scratch made. We used the newest World War One figures from FRONT LINE FIGURES to create this exciting diorama. The British are in the process of getting over run by the German soldiers. The barbed wire, trench, sand bags and poison gas alarm are all scratch made. The poison alarm is to the left of the entrance to the tunnel. The soldier would grab the metal bar and hit the empty shell as a gas warning.  Oh, I also made the smoke clouds and explosions. See more at; www.battlesceneproductions.net  and look in the PHOTO GALLERY which is on the side bar to the right. Thank you for your time.


Eco (medieval castle with lake)


Made by Eco Spielwaren GMBH in Neumarkt, Germany c:1970.

This toy fort is typical of those being produced using the vacuum forming technology emerging from the mid-1960s onwards. It is not known how long they stayed in production. Eco's products are often confused with those made about the same time by O & M Hausser under their trade name Elastolin. This particular model contains a variety of buildings and spaces somewhat in the nature of a fortified settlement, and is ideal for use with 25-40mm figures. It has a fully operating drawbridge over a moat / lake which was designed to contain water, thus providing great play value.