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Anime North 2012 - Toys!

by Lexxieo

I was so happy to go to Anime North 2012 for Toy Collector! On the Saturday I got into the dealers room and there were toys all over the place! There were toys from Dr.Who to Batman figures, there was a toy for everything and everyone. I snapped pictures of the toys that I thought were very cool and fun for people who collect certain toys. I got a lot of comic book characters from Marvel and DC and all different versions of the characters from each universe. I also got pictures of figures that are popular to people that watch Anime. The figures are always so detailed, colourful and appealing to the eye. So at Anime North where all the good toys are, there is something for everyone! I didn't even get to finish the dealers room since the dealers room was so big and there was so much to look at, I didn't get to go through it all. But it was a unreal time and I hope everyone likes the photos I snapped of toys!

In my spare time I love to make lovely fashions for my Blythe Dolls.  I have been since before I started collecting.  I have always sewn because a lot of people I am close to sew and are crafty.  I was always comfortable around it and so now if I see a pattern I like I will attempt it.  It's amazing what you can make if you put a little effort into it. 

I find most of my patterns free online but you can also buy them in magazines or online like on Etsy and eBay.  I purchased an entire collection of vintage Skipper patterns from the bay and started sewing the looks that caught my eye.  Now I am buying fabric, ribbons, snaps, buttons, beads, ribbons, bias tape and thread. 

I love to also buy Blythe doll fashions once in a while too and try to patron as many dolly people as I can.  It's also fun to do trades, gift exchanges and also just gift someone.  I sent a package to someone that was a bit down last week that included a stunning wool coat, an adorable party dress and a stunning knit dress with beads and ribbons.  They also donated a doll for a raffle for Blythe Con NY that I won so I was so happy to do all that for them.  They are always helping out and so happy so to see them a bit down so I had to do something to show them that someone cares and wants them happy again.   

When I first saw my very first kenner blythe doll I was instantly in cuteness overload!  I knew that I would like to have more than 2 but now I have almost 30!  They honestly are like potato chips because it seems that most can not stop at just one.  I honestly would like to find more but it seems the only way is online for over $600.  I am waiting until prices drop a bit more before I buy another one online.  I am not sure if they ever will.  Sure it would be nice to find one in a thrift shop for a buck but I have been to a hella lot of them and have never found one in person.  I was close one time a long while ago, over 12 years ago, but not since then.  Oh well I still enjoy my own dolls and looking at dolly pictures.  I just *LOVE* this blythe doll ad for SONY!  It's among my absolute favorite dolly pics of all time.  I actually purchased a pair of SONY ear buds and a PlayStation over any other brand because of this.   

In 1966, following the success of Hasbro's G.I. Joe action figure, Palitoy introduced the Action Man. Embodying strength, heroism, and valour, Action Man was an instant hit with young boys all over the country. And now it is a hit with old boys too!

With hundreds of avid collectors scouring the web, boot sales, auctions, and attics to find that scarce medal, weapon, or helmet to complete a set, we are delighted to have this collection of figures and uniforms in our next toy sale - all in their original packaging.

Baby's First Butcher Shop!

by LaToya

If you thought the Dinky Morris Capstan van was a controversial toy, how about this - it’s Baby’s First Butcher Shop - sent to me courtesy of my friends over at Collectors’ Weekly!

TC at the Buxton Toy Fair

by LaToya

Last Bank Holiday weekend we went to the Buxton Toy Fair, another great event from Barry Potter!