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Corgi - 279 Rolls-Royce Corniche


This 14.5cm large model of the Corgi #279 Corniche was made between 1979-83 in many colours. This silver/black two-tone version cam with the blue Italian printed box with yellow insert from the early eighties.


Flight Recorder - Keeping their memory bright

by CorgiCollector

AA32618 Avro Lancaster B MkI LM220, RAF 9 Sqn., ‘Getting Younger Every Day’. Flight Recorder hears from Mr George Tweddle, brother of the late Douglas Tweddle, DFC - one of the crew of this particular WWII aircraft, with some amazing and heroic memories. His account brings our forthcoming model to life in a truly inspiring fashion.

It was with surprise and pleasure that on opening the March edition of FlyPast magazine, I saw the Corgi Aviation Archive announcement regarding the forthcoming release of the Lancaster from RAF 9 Sqn. This is the very aircraft that one of my elder brothers, Flt. Lt William Douglas Tweddle and his crew flew on the majority of their thirty-seven operations. To my knowledge, as of last year, there were three of the crew still with us, though now all very elderly and frail.

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Left to right: Christian Braun, Marcel R Van Cleemput and Tony Brandon

As part of our fundraising for the Helen and Douglas House Tony Brandon, Christian Braun and I met Marcel for dinner last Saturday. Apologies from Andrew Adamides, Chris Aston (of Aston Auctions), Hugo Marsh (formerly Christie's and now SAS) and Tom Hickwell who after paying up in full for the charity all for various reasons could not make the dinner.