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The Rebel Cruiser Made Of Lego Bricks

by auctionman

 This a rare 8-foot LEGO Rebel Attack Cruiser model was designed by LEGO Master Builder Erik Varszegi for display at Star Wars Celebration III , San Diego Comic-Con, LEGOLAND California and several other national LEGO events to promote the final episode in the Star Wars saga.  This was auctioned off with a signed COA from George Lucas. The proceeds were donated to Habitat for Humanity's hurricane relief efforts in the southeastern United States.  Starting bid was reported to be at $31,000.

Image source:  Internet

Off The Road With Mercedes-Benz

by TalesofToyCars


The Unimog and Gelandewagen in Small-Scale Diecast

by Brian Willoughby, images by Brian Willoughby and Doug Breithaupt