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JSC 007 Askold, Novgorod

by JSCModels


Novgorod - the world's strangest ship !!!
The project of the ship was presented at the end of 1871 by admiral Andrey Alexandrovich Popov. Unfortunatelly the construction turned out to be unsuccesful. Seaworthiness was very poor and the speed was very low.
Novgorod was never used in a battle.

(on the photos there is a prototype) was a Russian cruiser. She took part in first Japanese-Russian war. Later Askold took part in a numerous operations during WW1 including the Dardanelle one.
In 1922 sold for scrapping in Hamburg.

March 4: Pics!

Not only the diorama itself is finished, but I have also managed to take the pics, to screen them (about 600 photos) and to post some of them here.

I like to experiment with different backgrounds when photographing a diorama, and a number of these variants can be seen in the pics.

The basic version is to use a plain blue cardboard (with some hand-painted clouds). This cardboard background is also useful for another variant, i.e. separating the diorama from the blue background and combining it with a photo of a real landscape.

The Tamiya stand was large and impressive. Half dedicated to the R/C stuff, the other half had all the model kits. Like numerous companies exhibiting, Tamiya seem to have figured out that not everyone likes to have to paint their kits, and so they've started offering part-built model ranges. These included these 1/12 exotic cars:


Along with all the fantastic traders, the Sandown Park Toy Fair is attended by all the UK's leading toy auctioneers, including Vectis, Wallis & Wallis, and Aston's Auctions - all of whom had brought along some of the amazing things that'll be up for grabs in their upcoming auctions. We went round and had a look at all of them and here's what we found in their display cabinets. Apologies for the less-good-than-usual photo quality, I had to do the pics on my iPhone!


This last Saturday, we were all at the landmark 20th Anniversary Sandown Park Toy Fair! Maybe you saw us there?! I was the one taking pictures with my iPhone because the camera conked out as soon as we arrived!


JSC 105 Centaur II

by JSCModels


The tug Centaur II was built few years ago in Gdansk, Poland. You can spot it in Gdynia harbour, Poland.

Centaur II
can be used for towing, piloting, fire extinguishing and assisting the ships in ports and on Baltic sea, also in average ice conditions.

The paper model is to scale 1 : 100. This scale allows model to be very detailed. Just look at the Wheelhouse! It doesn't show in a picture, but in the model there is a coffee mug which you can put on the desk in a wheelhouse :)